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New York and New Jersey roll out their own COVID-19 tracing apps

I can already hear people freaking out about this.

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Back in April, Apple and Google started working on a coronavirus tracking system that uses Bluetooth to track when someone has been in close proximity to a person that has tested positive for the virus. Virginia was the first to release an app based on the tracking system and now New York and New Jersey are rolling out their own apps for COVID-19 tracking.

The apps, available for Android and iOS (we’ll link everything down below), work like this: Basically, everyone that has the app downloaded will share a unique identifier between their devices. Then, if someone tests positive for COVID-19, they’ll get a PIN that they will enter into the app. From there, the app will look at these identifiers to find other users that have been in close proximity to the device. Those users will receive an alert about a potential COVID-19 contact.

These unique identifiers cannot be tied to an individual, so your privacy remains intact.

If you want to see a visual representation of how this works, check out the video from Google below.

If you are in New York or New Jersey and want to use the new apps, COVID Alert NY can be downloaded on Android and iOS.  For residents of New Jersey, COVID Alert NJ can be downloaded for Android and iOS here.

For the latest COVID-19 regulations and news, make sure to check out the CDC’s website.

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