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Nintendo keeps your cloud saves longer than expected, you just need Switch Online to access them

This is good news.

nintendo switch online cloud saves
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online is an odd thing. Yes, there are some good features available and the $20 a year price tag is very fair, but one thing Nintendo has seemed to struggle with the most with its new service is cloud saves.

Not only will Nintendo Switch Online not support cloud saves for all games, but there was some confusion as to how long your cloud saves actually remained if you chose not to continue with the service.

This was due to the UK Nintendo FAQ page, where it was stated that “Save data stored with Save Data Cloud cannot be kept outside of the duration of your Nintendo Switch Online membership.” This would basically have players forced to continue to pay for the service or else fear to lose that save forever.

Nintendo has cleared some things up

Nintendo has finally spoken out about the issues, clearing some things up and honestly, it’s not as bad as previously assumed.

A spokesperson tells IGN,

If a Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, users won’t be able to access their Save Data Cloud backups. However, Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access their previous Save Data Cloud backups.

That is definitely good news, but it still doesn’t change the fact that there is no way to transfer your saves with Nintendo Switch and that you’ll still Nintendo Switch Online to play any games that have saves stored in the cloud.

It also doesn’t address the variety of games like Splatoon 2 and the Let’s Go Pokémon games that will not be able to use cloud saves as it could provide ways for players to cheat and duplicate items. It’s 2018, Nintendo, everyone else figured this stuff out a long time ago. Get it together.

What do you think of the news surrounding cloud saves? Let us know below!

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