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Omg, Amazon has the Nintendo Switch back in stock – Seriously, hurry

This is not a drill, folks!

nintendo switch

Alright, folks, this is not a drill. If you want to snag a brand new Nintendo Switch at MSRP, head on over to Amazon right now because they have a limited amount of stock right now. The Neon has already sold out but there’s still the Gray in stock.

We’ve seen these come and go really fast so if you’re seriously thinking about pulling the trigger, the time is now my friend. Keep in mind, this only applies to Amazon Prime members, so if you haven’t already signed up, do it now and get 30-days free.

Might as well add Breath of the Wild (which has an $8 discount right now) as well as Mario Kart 8, because, cmon, it’s Mario Kart! Either way, click that buy button or forever hold your piece.

Update: Like we guessed, these suckers sold out fast. However, they’re still available, you’ll just have to pay a premium.

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