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PAX East 2018 tickets now on sale

3 days turns into 4.

pax east

As of a few minutes ago, PAX East 2018 tickets are now on sale and available for purchase. This year PAX East will be from Thursday, April 5 through Sunday, April 8, extending the expo’s days from 3 to 4. The event takes place in Boston.

In order to help combat scalpers, PAX is going to be limiting each household to four badges. Be sure to be quick as you only have 11 minutes to secure your badges and complete the billing process. Badges are being sold through ShowClix, with an online queue.

Single-day passes are $52.50 each, and the elimination of a weekend package has gone through. Before, the 3-day package was $105, saving customers a lot more money. Going for all days will be a lot more expensive this year around. Act fast!

PAX East 2018

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