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Peloton is recalling all of its treadmill machines over some serious safety concerns

Time to walk back this release.

peloton tread in room
Image: Peloton

Peloton is finally biting the bullet. The company announced on Wednesday that its issuing recalls on both its Tread+ and Tread treadmill machines. This comes in after a slew of reported injuries and the death of a child.

Peloton is pretty serious with this recall. They’re urging customers who own either of its treadmill machines to immediately stop using them and to get in contact with the company for a full refund or some other solution.

Back in April, The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a stern warning urging people with children at home to stop using Peloton treadmills ‘immediately.’ The agency stated that Peloton’s treadmills are made differently from other competitors, where theirs feature “an unusual belt design that uses individual rigid rubberized slats or treads that are interlocked and ride on a rail.” It also has a wide gap between the floor and the belt of the Tread+, with plenty of room for things to get in and out of it.

To give you an example of what kind of risk this poses to children and pets, you can watch this video, but please note that it can be disturbing to some viewers. In the video, you can clearly see a child simply getting swallowed by the treadmill as he desperately tries to free himself. This is exactly the sort of thing The Consumer Product Safety Commission is trying to warn people about.

When news of these concerns made its way back to Peloton, the company pushed back and told its customers there was no reason to stop using its treadmills. Today, the company’s CEO issued this statement:

“I want to be clear, Peloton made a mistake in our initial response to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s request that we recall the Tread+. We should have engaged more productively with them from the outset. For that, I apologize.”

So yea, if you own any of Peloton’s treadmill machines, it’s probably a safe bet to stop using it. Who knows, you could save a life. For prospective buyers, my best suggestion is to hold off on this purchase for now until the company figures out a deal with the CPSC to set a new industry safety standard for its treadmills.

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