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Peridot is the new Tamagotchi-style mobile game from Niantic

This time its all about raising your digital pets.

niantic's peridot mobile game
Image: Niantic

Niantic, creators of the massive augmented reality gaming phenomenon Pokémon Go, have announced that it is working on a new, completely original mobile game. The company’s latest project is called Peridot and features digital pets of its own.

The company revealed its new game in a blog post on its website earlier this week. Like Pokémon Go, Peridot revolves around collecting different digital pets. But that’s about where the similarities end between the two games.

Instead of focusing on catching and battling, like what you find in Pokémon Go, Peridot is more focused on raising and nurturing your pets.

In the game, your pets are known as Peridots, or Dots for short. You can take your Dots out on walks in the real world. Your dots will help you find hidden treasures and explore new areas. And the more you interact with your Dots, the more they will grow and develop.

Each one is unique, with combinations of tons of different colors, textures, and other graphical assets. You will gather and raise various Dots from babies all the way to adulthood. And since every Dot is unique, you can ultimately breed your Peridots to create completely new pets.

Like Niantic’s previous titles, Peridot will have a big emphasis on going out in the real world. It will use augmented reality to display your Dots on your mobile phone in the real world as you explore.

Peridot doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it will be entering a “soft launch” beta period in select markets soon. Having sunk many hours into Pokémon Go when it first came out, I can’t wait to see what Niantic is able to deliver with its latest project.

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