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Google could bring Night Sight to video with the Pixel 8

The physical SIM slot is also likely to stay.

google pixel 7 pro camera bar

The Google Pixel 8 series is on the horizon, and the event is slated for October 4th. As the Pixel event inches closer, we have started getting Pixel 8 leaks almost every day. The latest leak indicates Google might bring its Night Sight feature to video on the upcoming Pixel 8 series. 

Night Mode for video on Pixel 8 Pro 

Google was one of the first companies to introduce a proper night photography mode called Night Sight, in 2018. Now, 9to5Google has reported the Pixel 8 Pro will get a Night Sight Video feature for higher-quality low-light video. 

This new feature could be a game-changer for Pixel fans. Currently, Pixel users can only lower the frame rate to get a better low-light video, which is pretty limited. But a dedicated mode will certainly be a good addition. 

A Leaked Image of the Upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro
Source: Google via OnLeaks/SmartPrix

However, Google isn’t the first brand to offer the night mode video feature. Brands like OPPO and Xiaomi have been offering 4K night video mode on their flagship smartphones. 

These companies use custom imaging chips to reduce noise and enable HDR in this mode. So, we speculate Google will also lean on the Tensor G3 chip for this mode. 

That said, we also hope the feature will come to the vanilla Pixel 8. Both smartphones feature the same chipset, so there isn’t any technical reason for the cheaper phone not to get it. 

Physical SIMs will likely stay 

Last month, there was another rumor that insinuated Google might ditch the physical SIM slot on the upcoming Pixel 8 series, as it was missing from the leaked renders. 

However, 9to5Google is reporting that Google will keep the slot on the Pixel 8 line. 

Personally, we are glad to hear this news, as transferring a mobile plan to a new phone is much easier with a physical SIM than eSIM. 

That said, Google is reportedly working on an easier way to transfer eSIM on Android 14, but both your old and new devices need to run Android 14 for it to work. 

So, in the future, the company will likely fully move to eSIM. But Google is not ready to follow Apple’s footsteps at the moment.

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