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Stellar Blade, the PS5 exclusive, is now free…If you’ve got the points

Sony’s PlayStation Stars rewards program allows players to earn points to redeem for the action RPG Stellar Blade, which has been praised for its high-octane action and comparison to Devil May Cry 5.

PS5 game Stellar Blade cover and PlayStation logo.
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You know the drill – Sony’s PlayStation 5 is all about those exclusives. And let’s be real, 2024 has been good to us so far, with Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and Helldivers 2 already making waves.

But today, we’re here to talk about Stellar Blade, the action RPG that’s been making some serious noise since its release back in April.

Stellar Blade is all about high-octane action, and reviewers are saying it’s a blast, with some even comparing it to the legendary Devil May Cry 5. So, if this one slipped under your radar, now’s the time to sit up and take notice.

Here’s the best part – Stellar Blade has just joined the PlayStation Stars rewards program, meaning you can snag this $70 game for “free” if you’ve got 17,500 points burning a hole in your virtual pocket.

Yeah, that’s a lot of points, but hey, if you’re already racking them up, this is a killer way to spend ’em.

For those new to the PlayStation Stars program, here’s a quick rundown – it’s all about earning points for doing what you do best: gaming.

Complete campaigns, snag specific trophies, make some purchases, and those points will start rolling in. Sure, 17,500 is a big ask, but with games like Stardew Valley, Dredge, Rise of the Ronin, and Helldivers 2 already up for grabs, it’s clear Sony’s committed to making this program worth your while.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for PlayStation Stars, download the app, and start racking up those points. Trust us, Stellar Blade (and your gaming wallet) will thank you.

Stellar Blade is out now, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 5 that offers an immersive gaming experience with high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay.

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