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PlayStation trophies can now be used to buy games

US only…for now.

Playstation trophies
Image: IGN

Sony has added a new incentive for dedicated gaming fans; You can now trade in your PlayStation trophies for PSN credit.

Announced by Sony today, the Sony Rewards System allows players to register their achievements for reward credits. Here is how the trophies break down:

  • 100 Silver trophies – 100 points
  • 25 Gold trophies – 250 points
  • 10 Platinum trophies – 1,000 points

The kickback isn’t crazy. 1,000 points breaks down to roughly $10 credit which means that there needs to be a lot of grinding to save for a free game. Sony Rewards is, currently, only a US-only incentive. Hopefully, Sony will bring this to other regions so we can all enjoy a bit of a reward.

> Sony

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