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Prime Day: Score a NICPOW projector for under $70

Grab one of these killer deals on projectors this Prime Day!

This image is showing a list of streaming services that are available with a projector and projection screen. Full Text: 100" Projector HO 100" Projection Screen Included Screen Included Native 9500 5.1 DIRECTV MLB HBOMax® sling 1080P LUX Blutooth CNBC NBA NETFLIX hulu HBO ROKU You Tube prime video BISM 00 prime vid 10 TO NICPOW < OK 7 4 K
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NOTE: You’ll need an active Amazon Prime membership to get Prime Day 2023 pricing. If not, sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel before it expires. Get a special one-week price now for just $1.99.

Hold on to your butts, folks! Prime Day 2023 is here, and it’s raining deals like cats and dogs. But wait, there’s more! We’ve got a couple of juicy ones that are hotter than a jalapeno popper at a Texas BBQ.

First up in the ring, we have the Happrun H1 Projector. This bad boy doesn’t just project images; it projects your dreams onto any surface you can find (Disclaimer: Does not actually project dreams).

If you’re tired of watching cat videos on your tiny phone screen, why not blast them onto your entire wall? Your feline obsession deserves nothing less.

The best part? It’s under $70! That’s right – for less than the cost of an overpriced hipster brunch, you can t`urn any room into a personal cinema. The deal is live now right here, but remember, folks, this isn’t forever – just until July 12th.

$66.98 with/ Amazon Prime
HAPPRUN Bluetooth Projector, with 100 inch Portable Screen HAPPRUN Bluetooth Projector, with 100 inch Portable Screen
$119.99 $99.99

The HAPPRUN Projector is a versatile device that delivers native 1080p full HD resolution for a sharper and more vibrant movie-watching experience. It's perfect for family entertainment with a 200-inch projection display.

What We Like:
  • 200" Giant Screen & ±15° Keystone Correction: Enjoy a large projection display and easily adjust screen position for the perfect view.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 Function & HiFi Stereo Speaker: Connect wirelessly for excellent sound effects and immersive audio experience.
  • Multimedia Compatibility: Connect with various devices for versatile entertainment options.
  • 100" Portable Screen Included: Get a ready-to-use projection surface with the included portable screen.
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03/06/2024 01:38 am GMT

Next up to bat is the NICPOW RD850. Now I know what you’re thinking – “NICPOW sounds like something my grandma would say when she hits her toe.” Well, guess what? You’re not wrong. But let me tell ya’, this projector packs quite a punch itself.

For just $59.99 (yes, you read that right), this little gem will light up your life… or at least your living room wall with stunning visuals. Grab yours here before they all disappear faster than my motivation on Monday mornings.

So there you have it, folks – two killer deals to make this Prime Day 2023 one for the books! Remember though – time waits for no man or woman; these offers are only good through July 11-12th.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go convince my landlord that installing a home theater system in my apartment is absolutely necessary…for research purposes.

NICPOW Outdoor Mini Projector
$99.99 $69.99

The Outdoor Mini Projector by NICPOW is a high-definition and versatile device. It delivers bright and vivid images with 1920x1080P resolution, 6000:1 color contrast, and 7500 lux brightness. With a 100-inch screen, take your movie nights outdoors.

What We Like:
  • High Definition Visuals: With a resolution of 1920x1080P, this mini projector provides superior home theater experiences with crisp and clear visuals.
  • Compact and Portable: Its small size makes it easy to carry around for outdoor movie nights or even business presentations on-the-go.
  • Advanced Cooling System & HiFi Stereo Speakers: The NICPOW RD850 comes equipped with an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating during extended use, and built-in HiFi stereo speakers for immersive audio experience without needing external speakers.
  • Long Lamp Life & Budget-Friendly: This projector boasts a long lamp life of up to 65,000 hours, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
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KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale.
03/06/2024 02:27 am GMT

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Just a heads up, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. It’s one of the ways we keep the lights on here. Click here for more.

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