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PSA: You can totally clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes, Apple says it’s OK

Apple has changed its stance on cleaning your iPhone.

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Apple has quietly updated its instructions on how to clean your iPhone in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the company is saying that it’s okay to use things like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or isopropyl alcohol to clean the outside of your precious iPhone of any potential contamination.

That’s a big change, as Apple had previously said to avoid using cleaning products as they might damage the oleophobic coatings on the screen that help prevent fingerprints. Reddit is full of people who’s coating has worn off, all saying to avoid alcohol-based cleaners. Now that the official instructions have changed, will Apple’s warranty include replacing screens if the coating wears off?

Anyways, to clean your iPhone, turn it off, gently wipe the surfaces with the disinfecting wipe, and wipe it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth (not a paper towel or even tissue, which can scratch the screen).

The rest of Apple’s cleaning instructions are still the same:

  • Don’t use bleach
  • Don’t get liquids into any opening
  • Don’t submerge your Apple product in any cleaning solution (yes, even if they say they’re waterproof)
  • Don’t put cleaners on any fabric or leather surfaces (that’s mainly for accessories)

That’s it, that’s how you clean your fancy iPhone. And seriously, don’t use submerge your iPhone into a cleaning solution. Just don’t.

What do you think? Plan on using disinfecting wipes on your iPhone now? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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