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Public relations strategy for a new crypto protocol

Crypto protocols are becoming essential for businesses in public relations.

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There are hundreds of ways for a crypto protocol to be promoted, such as working with social media influencers that will be promoting the protocol.

Additionally, building connections to develop a community around the protocol, interview opportunities, and more.

However, the best way to promote any crypto protocol is going to be through public relations efforts that are going to help the crypto protocol develop a positive reputation with the public as well as media outlets.

After all, no company expects to be discovered by its target audience on its own without doing any work to promote itself or its solutions and reach out to the consumers, who up until that point were waiting for this company to create the perfect solution that they’re immediately ready to purchase.

Businesses must always be credible and convincing to generate sales and increase their customer base.

Social media platforms

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According to recent studies, when a company can create a positive conversation about itself or its solutions, which in this case would be the crypto protocol, the prices of that protocol will start to increase.

That means companies that want to promote their crypto protocol should use social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and others strategically to help the audience learn more about it and engage with it simultaneously.

To do that, companies need to create a dedicated account that will be used to promote the crypto protocol on the right social media platforms and then update the followers on the current news and activities behind the project.

By allowing the audience to keep up with the latest developments of the crypto protocol, companies allow consumers to feel more involved in the process. 


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One of the most critical things every business needs to have before starting up or launching a new product, including a crypto protocol, will be a website for it.

That means companies must develop a website since that website will be the first thing most consumers and investors will be looking for when they encounter or learn about the crypto protocol.

To do that, it’s essential to create a functional website that’s going to be easy to navigate by anyone and is going to represent the identity of the crypto protocol well.

Companies will also need to include anything potential investors need to know about the crypto protocol before investing in it, such as the team members behind it, the whitepaper on it, and more.

The website is going to be used as an opportunity to convince more people why they need to invest in the crypto protocol by showing the potential future of that protocol as well as the various and beneficial ways it can be used regularly. 

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Editor’s Note: Matt Caiola is co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm. 

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