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How to edit a tweet

Whether you like it or not, edited tweets are coming. Here’s what to know.

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After years of requests and teases, Twitter is finally bringing an edit button to its platform.

The new feature, which lets users edit a tweet up to five times, is available to Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, as of October 6, U.S.-based Twitter Blue subscribers are getting access, according to the company.

Not everyone loves the idea of an edit button on Twitter. But, if you are looking forward to trying out the feature, here’s everything you need to know.

Who can edit Tweets?

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Image: Unsplash

Twitter’s edit button feature is slowly rolling out to users. This is presumably because the company wants to ensure everything is working correctly.

As of October 4, 2022, Twitter Blue subscribers in the following locations can access the feature:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • US

We aren’t sure which are the next countries to gain access, but we’ll continue to update this post once that information is made available.

How does editing tweets work?

edited tweet example
Image: Twitter

When tweet editing makes its way to Twitter, it will work how you’d expect it to. However, there will be some limitations.

You’ll see an edit button on the tweet whenever you send out a tweet. You’ll have 30 minutes from the time you post the tweet to edit it up to five times.

Once the 30 minutes is up, however, the tweet will be locked, and you’ll no longer be able to add any edits. Your only edit option after 30 minutes will be the old-fashioned delete and try again option.

Here’s how to edit tweets on Twitter

Click on the three-dot menu on your tweet, then on Edit Tweetscreenshot of editing a tweet
You’ll see a reminder that editing will reveal some information about youscreenshot of editing a tweet
Edit your tweet, then click Updatescreenshot of editing a tweet
You’ll see the updated tweet, with an icon saying Last edited at… underneathscreenshot of editing a tweet
Clicking on that icon will show you the edit history of that tweetscreenshot of editing a tweet

It’s good that Twitter thought about an edit history. Could you imagine what it would be like without it? Chaos, that’s what.

Additionally, be aware that even if you edit a tweet, any user who sees that tweet will be able to see any edits you have made.

This stops people from tweeting one thing to get a bunch of likes, then drastically changing the entire context of the tweet.

Tweet editing is finally here

While it hasn’t rolled out fully yet, one of Twitter’s most requested features is finally on its way. At least for Twitter Blue users.

Keep your eye out for the new edit button if you subscribe to Twitter’s premium service. While the rollout is slow, it looks like it won’t be long before more people have access.

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