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How to edit a tweet on Twitter

Whether you like it or not, edited tweets are coming. Here’s what to know.

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After years of requests and teases, Twitter is finally bringing an edit button for tweets to its platform.

Users have been asking for an edit button for a long time now, and it looks like the platform is finally on board. The company casually announced that it was testing its new edit button in a tweet on September 1.

The testing is starting out internally, but the company says it will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks. This feature has long been requested, even if there are a ton of issues with it.

Making edits to tweets after posting won’t be unlimited. And the feature won’t be available to everyone, at least at the beginning. Let’s dive into the upcoming feature.

Who can edit Tweets?

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Right now, you likely won’t have the ability to edit your tweets. That’s because the platform is currently only testing the feature internally with its employees.

However, Twitter said that it would be rolling out the edit button to Twitter Blue users over the next couple of weeks. Twitter Blue is the platform’s $4.99 per month subscription plan.

The initial rollout of the new feature will be limited to a single country, but Twitter didn’t specify which country that would be.

If you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, keep an eye out for the edit button over the next few weeks.

How does editing tweets work?

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When tweet editing does make its way to users on Twitter, it will work pretty much how you’d expect it to, with a few limitations.

Whenever you send out a tweet with the ability to edit, you’ll see an edit button available on the tweet itself. You’ll have 30 minutes from the time you post the tweet to edit it as many times as you want.

Once the 30 minutes is up, however, the tweet will be locked, and you’ll no longer be able to add any edits. Your only edit option after 30 minutes will be the old-fashioned delete and start again option.

Additionally, be aware that even if you edit a tweet, any user who sees that tweet will be able to see any edits you have made.

This stops people from tweeting one thing to get a bunch of likes then drastically changing the entire context of the tweet.

Tweet editing is finally here

While it hasn’t rolled out fully yet, one of Twitter’s most requested features is finally on its way. At least for Twitter Blue users.

Keep your eye out for the new edit button over the next few weeks. Again, the initial rollout will be limited to Twitter Blue subscribers in one country. And we don’t yet know which country that will be.

I can’t wait to see what kind of meme-worthy nonsense users are able to come up with using Twitter’s new edit button.

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