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The Rabbit R1 is an absolute dumpster fire of a product

A post on the Rabbit R1 subreddit titled “This thing is such a piece of crap” sums up the general sentiment nicely.

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The tech world is no stranger to hype. Companies love to generate buzz around their latest and greatest, promising devices that will revolutionize our lives.

Sometimes, these products deliver. But other times, they crash and burn in spectacular fashion. Enter the Rabbit R1, a portable computer that’s become a poster child for how not to launch a product.

The Rabbit R1, a voice-controlled AI device that can handle various tasks such as internet searches, music playback, and ordering services like DoorDash and Uber, is set to receive updates addressing user concerns and feedback.

The Rabbit R1, priced at $199, uses its proprietary Large Action Model (LAM) and has been praised for its responsiveness and the breadth of its functionalities.

Nevertheless, some reviewers have underscored certain limitations, such as its dependency on cloud-based services and restrictions on accessing some features. More on that below.

Early adopters have taken to the internet to express their outrage and disappointment with the device. A post on the Rabbit R1 subreddit titled “This thing is such a piece of crap” sums up the general sentiment nicely.

Users are reporting a laundry list of issues, from slow performance to subpar build quality

“I was expecting a premium device given the price, but this thing feels cheap as hell,” wrote one user. “The plastic is flimsy, the screen is meh…it just doesn’t feel solid in the hand at all.”

Others have noted issues with the software, citing bugs, instability, and a general lack of polish. For an Android-based device, this is inexcusable.

“I’ve had apps force close constantly, and sometimes the touchscreen just stops responding,” said another user. “It’s like they rushed this to market without even beta testing it.”

The R1’s battery life has also been called into question. The company promised all-day usage, but many users are finding the battery drains quickly. “I barely get 4 hours of moderate use,” wrote one frustrated owner. And the charging is painfully slow. This thing is less portable than my laptop.”

In response to the backlash, the company issued an OTA software update to address some of the community’s concerns. However, many users feel this is too little and too late.

“I’ve submitted support tickets and gotten nothing but radio silence,” said one user. “It feels like they’ve just moved on to the next product and don’t care about the people who shelled out money for this thing.”

The lack of communication and failure to address issues in a timely manner have eroded trust in the brand, so much so that many are canceling their preorders.

Threads on the Rabbit R1 subreddit titled “Ready for the trash” have garnered numerous responses, with users citing the negative reviews and lack of meaningful communication from the manufacturer as reasons for their decision.

This level of pre-order cancellation is a stark indictment of how poorly the launch has been handled. It’s clear that the manufacturer has failed to meet expectations and that trust in the product and company has been severely damaged.

The Rabbit R1 is a masterclass in how not to launch a product. In their haste to get this thing on shelves, the manufacturer clearly neglected to do even the most basic quality assurance. Now they’re paying the price, with a reputation in tatters and users fleeing in droves.

But of course, there’s always that one person that’s like:

“To the R1 naysayers, Sorry you are disappointed with R1, but ya’ll are the same techies that watched the same video I did when Jesse first introduced it to the world, one user writes.” “And everyone who watched or read anything about it knew it is still in the development stage but ordered it anyway, knowing that it would take awhile to work the “bugs” out. I don’t find a lot of your criticisms valid. The more you cancel your orders, the sooner I’ll be getting my R1!”

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this was written by someone who works for the company. But the follow-up response is as classic Reddit as you’ll ever get: “I was you a week ago then I got my r1….”

If they want to salvage anything from this dumpster fire, they need to take a hard look in the mirror and rethink their entire approach. In the cutthroat world of portable computing, you can’t afford to halfass it.

To anyone still eyeing the R1, let this be a warning: don’t fall for the marketing fluff. Dig deep, read the reviews, and talk to people who actually use the thing.

Specs are meaningless if the device is a joyless slog to use. You deserve better than some clunky, buggy brick draining your bank account and your patience.

The Rabbit R1 is a stark reminder that at the end of the day, it’s all about delivering on your promises. And on that front, this thing is an epic fail.

The company has a hell of a hill to climb if they want to win back the trust they’ve so spectacularly squandered. We’ll be watching, but for now, there are far better ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

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