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Random Drops: The November Loot Crate “COMBAT”

Hey, it’s another month, which means a fresh Loot Crate deployment. Check out all the stuff provided in this months crate.

WHOA!! We are a little late with this month’s Loot Crate coverage. Sorry about that. November’s Loot Crate theme was “Combat” and while there were some combat-oriented games showing up during the month, it was clear that the Loot Crate team had some interest in Fallout 4. We got our new Loot Crate, tore it open and began to sort out all the neat new items that were inside. Here’s what we got:

Cute But Deadly Magnet Set

I guess they are kind of cool if you like Heroes of the Storm. I tried to remove one of the magnets (the Warcraft logo) and the actual paper came off the logo. Oops! They are OK, I guess.

TMNT Shredder Sunglasses

Yo, these glasses are dumb as hell and I think they are awesome because of that. Yeah, it’s a pair of sunglasses fused to a plastic Shredder mask. They are entirely impractical but are large enough to fit my large head. Bonus points for the whole “if you wear these in public, people are going to think you are insane” factor as well. Seriously, they are hilariously cool.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Pin

I haven’t seen a Hunger Games movie past the first one. My wife didn’t really enjoy the kids killing kids stuff and I haven’t had time to watch them by myself. However, they have some cool props within the movie and fans of the series will get a kick out of this replica. It’s high quality, I’ll add it to my collection of pins from my adventures.

Street Fighter Hyper Looting Comic

Loot Crate teams up with the good guys of Street Fighter to try to take down the evil Shadaloo organization. UDON’s art style is always great and the book itself isn’t horrible, but it is pretty goofy. It’s neat to get something like this instead of a variant of an already in print comic.

Cute But Deadly Vinyl Heroes of the Storm Figure

I’m not a huge HotS fan, I find the game to be painfully vanilla. However, I do enjoy the source material in general, so when I realized that I had a vinyl figure in my Loot Crate, I was super excited. (Don’t forget, I love these stupid figures and statues.) I ended up getting Zeratul, who is actually kind of a fun character to play, but also an interesting StarCraft character as well. He’s surprisingly detailed, and a cool addition to my collection. (I would have preferred Sylvanas but beggars can’t be choosers.)

Loot Crate Magazine and Pin

This issue of Loot Crate magazine actually offers some great reading. There is a story on the appeal of seeing young adults fight to the death in the Kids vs Kids story, which is worth the read. There’s also an interview with WWE’s own Kyle Edwards who I recognize from the WWE App’s “This Week in WWE History”. It’s an entertaining interview and the discussion of fictional combatants is pretty funny.

Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head

Remember 45 seconds ago when I told you I love these statues, figures and collectibles? Well, this Fallout 4 Bobble Head is immediately considered up there with the Back to the Future 2 hoverboard from last month. Totally cool and an awesome and unique design exclusively for Loot Crate, it’s already displayed prominently in my office.

It’s time to look at our look and see what this month’s Loot Score™ is!

Another high quality Loot Crate, but not as good as last month

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