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For some reason, Snap is working on a newer version of Spectacles


Snapchat Spectacles
Image: Snap

According to a report earlier this morning from Alex Heath of Cheddar, Snap is working on an updated version of its Spectacles wearable camera.

Apparently, the company is working on two versions: a second-generation model that will address performance improvements, bug fixes, and a line of new colors. The other new version could possibly come equipped with two lenses and beefed up camera technology. Rumor has it the company plans on selling these for $300.

According to The Verge, Snap is also currently working on a deal with glasses company Luxottica and Warby Parker to license out its camera technology.

When it comes to a timeline, don’t expect to see these anytime soon. The company is projecting a Q2 or Q3 launch.

The previous version of Snap’s Spectacles didn’t do very well. The company took a painful $40 million loss only selling 150,00 units. Who knows, maybe version two promises more sales, but given the company’s track record with these, don’t hold your breath.

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