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Relive the tech evolution through Grid Studio frames

Whether a tech enthusiast or an art lover, the tech-infused nostalgia that Grid Studio frames provide is a captivating journey worth exploring.

A framed display contains a deconstructed iPhone, with parts neatly arranged and labeled, showcasing the device's internal components and design.
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Grid Studio is a company that elegantly captures this nostalgia whilst merging it with a classy modern design, prompting a fresh look into the past.

When looking at the landscape of our digital lives, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the devices that have carried us here.

However, as time passes, these devices often fade into obsolescence, relinquishing their space to newer, more advanced technologies.

Yet, for many of us, these gadgets host an array of sentimental values and memories, a piece of history that played a significant role in the evolution of technology.

Grid Studio encapsulates these devices in timeless frames to share and display with friends and fellow enthusiasts.


An elegant black box with golden text labeled "GRID FRAMED" is partially open, revealing a sleek inner compartment with a diagram and an envelope.
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Grid Studio frames aren’t your regular picture frames; each one is an intricate display of retired pieces of technology, carefully disassembled and meticulously arranged within high-quality framing.

Devices like Apple’s iPhone or Nintendo’s Game Boy find new life in these creations. But that’s not all; if you plan on gifting one of these frames, they are very well packaged.

The company takes pride in its work, going to lengths to ensure each frame highlights the complexity of the pieces that once made up our beloved devices.

A person is holding a framed display of a disassembled first-generation iPhone with annotations, celebrating its technical design and historical significance.
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

The fine detailing of each element, placed symmetrically within a frame, breathes life into something otherwise deemed redundant.

These elements, coupled with the device’s model and other relevant details, are referenced in the frame’s background, allowing for a deeper understanding and an appreciation for the technology that once gripped the world by storm.

Reviving old tech isn’t just about hanging something cool on the wall. It’s like taking a trip through time, showing how tech has changed. It’s a cool way for fans and history buffs to see our tech past.

Where does GRID source these rare devices from?

The image shows a framed disassembled first-generation iPhone with its components laid out on labeled paper, including the mainboard and screen. Grid Studio Frame
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Grid Studio puts great effort into collecting the devices used in their artworks, sourcing them from dealers, repairers, and collectors. This method guarantees a wide selection of gadgets, emphasizing authenticity and variety.

The meticulous sourcing process highlights the company’s dedication to presenting genuine and diverse tech pieces in their frames, showcasing different eras of technology.

Each frame encapsulates carefully chosen gadgets, portraying a unique narrative of technological evolution.

This way of doing things doesn’t just show amazing art skills. It also shows how much the company cares about getting real and special devices that people who love tech from different times will really like.

Who are the Grid Studio frames for?

Two framed displays featuring deconstructed pieces of an iPhone and a Game Boy Color, labeled with parts' names, set against a white background on a table. Grid Studio Frame
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Grid Studio frames attract a wide range of people. They’re great for tech fans who enjoy seeing how technology evolves.

People who love taking things apart, especially Apple and Nintendo fans, will love having these beautifully arranged parts of their favorite devices.

But, equally so, they serve as an excellent gift for the less technically inclined, those who appreciate a piece of modern art that effectively captures our technological history.

The nostalgic quality of the framed devices, coupled with the sleek design, makes these a conversation starter—a piece of tactile history everyone can relate to.

Final thoughts

This is a framed display of a disassembled first-generation iPhone, showcasing its internal components and design layout, neatly arranged and labeled for viewing. Grid Studio Frame
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Grid Studio has effectively managed to blend nostalgia with modern design, offering an impressive collection that chronicles our technological history.

The journey is embodied within each frame, telling tales of an era that sparked unprecedented change through these devices.

Each piece is a priceless artifact, frozen in time and encapsulated within a beautifully crafted frame, echoing a time when these devices were once groundbreaking.

The frames start at around $139, extending up to $699 for the most prized items. You can snag a 15% discount for a short while using the code BF15 on their website. Grab it before the sale ends!

This image shows two framed displays: one of a disassembled Game Boy Color and one of an iPhone, both with components neatly arranged and labeled. Grid Studio Frame
Image: Daniel Cid / KnowTechie

Considering the historical value, excellent craftsmanship, and the unique sentiment each frame represents, this investment in modern art and tech history often proves to be well worth the price.

Whether a tech enthusiast or an art lover, the tech-infused nostalgia that Grid Studio frames provide is a captivating journey worth exploring.

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