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RemoBell is smart doorbell that runs on AA batteries

Smart doorbells can get quite expensive and confusing at times. AA batteries is all takes to power the RemoBell.


Installing a new doorbell may be an intimidating process, especially if you are looking to add a video doorbell to the front of your home. Doorbells that let you see outside and hook into the internet can be quite expensive and they have vulnerabilities that you may not have considered. Such as being tied to the electrical system means they go out when the power is down.

The RemoBell by Olive & Dove offers a simple, easy-to-install solution that provides all the advantages of smart doorbells at a much lower cost. For $199, you can have a smart doorbell that is easy to install and provides you with many different features.

How It Works

RemoBell is a smart doorbell that provides guests to your home the ability to alert you to their presence by ringing the bell. However, the device also offers the following features designed for the security of your home and family.

  • 720p HD Video Resolution Camera
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Heat & Motion Sensor
  • 120 Degree View
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • (6) AA Batteries Required

For $199, you get the RemoBell which can be installed in a few moments because it does not need to be hooked into the electrical system of your home. Instead, it runs on six-AA batteries which can be easily replaced which usually takes around 4 months. The heat and motion sensor activates the unit when it detects someone’s presence and the infrared night vision lets you see them at your door.

Plus, the two-way audio lets you talk to them from any location. When your computer or device is connected to Wi-Fi, you can see and speak to the person in front of your door from any location on Earth. The 120-degree view comes in handy as it can help you spot other people near the door who may be standing on the side.



There are several benefits to choosing the RemoBell, especially if you are looking to have greater security without the high cost of traditionally installed smart doorbell systems.

Fast Installation: Because it uses batteries and connects to the internet with Wi-Fi, it only takes a few moments for the RemoBell to be installed. All you need to do is securely attach the RemoBell next to the door and leave access to change out the batteries.

AA Batteries: Unlike many other battery powered systems that recharge or use special battery types, the AA battery is one of the most common and inexpensive around. The cost of changing out the batteries every four months is very inexpensive. Plus, rechargeable batteries are often a pain and very inconvenient.

Remobell cam

Exceptional Features: The ability to see at night and talk to those at the door from any location where you have an internet connection makes the RemoBell the perfect choice for most homes. Add to this the 120-degree viewing port and you may spot potential trouble before it occurs.

The RemoBell is certainly one of the best devices of its type for homeowners who want all the features of a smart doorbell for the right price. However, they are not the only players in this space. Here’s a helpful resource from The Smart Future that outlines all the best ones you can buy right now.


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