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The Aufero Laser 1 is the newest entry-level laser engraver from Ortur

The Aufero Laser 1 is ORTUR’s newest entry-level engraving laser. Let’s see what features it offers and who they cater to.

Aufero laser 1
Image: KnowTechie

The Aufero Laser 1 is the first Aufero brand laser engraver built by ORTUR. While it marks the beginning of a new brand, it is built on the manufacturing experience and feedback that the company has gained from previous products. The Aufero Laser 1 promises a lot. Let’s see what it has to offer:

ORTUR’s laser engraving machines have helped the manufacturer gain a lot of popularity in the past year. This is mainly a result of the advanced features integrated into products like the Laser Master 2 Pro. This having been said, ORTUR has now created the Aufero brand, along with its first product, the Aufero Laser 1.

What features does the Aufero Laser 1 offer?

The Laser 1 model mainly caters to the needs of beginners. The device is affordable, simple to use, and comes pre-assembled. This reduces the amount of setup needed before using it and also simplifies the process for first-time owners.

Before going into the actual specs of the device, it’s important to mention that the Laser 1 offers three laser modules to choose from:

  • The LU2 7W Laser Module – This is the most affordable configuration option and has an optical power that ranges from 1,000mW to 1,600mW. Its focal spot is approx. 0.07×0.06mm. Furthermore, although it can engrave most materials, it is relatively low powered and will offer the best results when used on wood or soft surfaces;
  • The LU2-4 20W SF – This laser module is both more expensive and more powerful than the basic LU2 7W one. It has an optical power that ranges between 4,500mW and 5,500mW and has a focal point of approx 0.12×0.12mm. Its higher power makes it more suitable for engraving harder materials such as aluminum and magnesium;
  • The LU2-4 20W LF – While this module is not more powerful than the previous one, it does come with an air assist nozzle that enhances its cutting capabilities. Its optical power is the same, but the focal point size is approx. 0.17×0.25mm. The air assist nozzle increases its depth of field, allowing it to engrave and cut through harder materials.

Upgraded motherboard and firmware

The Aufero Laser 1 is built around the OLM-PRO-V1.2 motherboard that can be found in other Ortur products but comes with a more powerful ESP32 MCU and a 24V circuit. ORTUR has also included the 1.8 firmware that is based on the OLF1.7. The new software offers a new grayscale engraving algorithm that helps make the engraved pictures more realistic. The firmware can also boost the engraving speed up to 5000mm/minute.

What kind of materials can you use with the Aufero Laser 1? 

Engraving leather
Image: Ortur

Laser modules like this one have good cutting capabilities. While having a better carving performance, it is suitable for materials with a high degree of hardness, including glass, stone, ceramics, stainless steel, and wood. Additionally, it supports a variety of materials such as black acrylic, leather, etc. It can make these materials into the desired shape and engrave patterns.

Safe for beginners

The device has been designed for the entry-level market and the safety systems that it comes with certainly cater to the needs of beginners.

The Aufero Laser 1 comes with Active Position Protection that detects deviations, Exposure Duration, and Limitation that stops the device if the motor does not move for a certain period of time, a Laser Beam Safety Guard that powers down the device if the USB connection is interrupted, and a Power Control System that cuts power to the laser when the device is turned off.

High Software Compatibility

Birds engraved on mdf
Image: Ortur

The Aufero Laser 1 can be used with most mainstream engraving applications that are currently available. This includes LaserGRBL and LightBurn. Furthermore, you can connect it to Windows, Linux, and Mac computers or laptops.

An overall great engraver for beginners

The Aufero Laser 1 comes preassembled, offers multiple configuration options, it’s compatible with multiple engraving applications and operating systems. In other words, it can be a great choice for those who have never owned or used a laser engraver before.

For a limited time, the folks at Ortur are extending KnowTechie readers with an exclusive $5 coupon on all of its products on its website (except the OLM-2 Pro). Just use promo code AUFEROTOP1 at checkout to see the savings.

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