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Review: Doona Liki Trike – a fantastic stroller that transforms into a trike as your little one grows

We Liki-t a lot!

doona liki trike

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When our little one was, well, little, we took them everywhere in a Doona infant car seat. This ingenious seat did dual-duty as a stroller as well, and has now been passed on to my sister-in-law to use with her little.

Well, since our toddler grew out of the car seat, she’s now grown into another transforming device from Doona, the $300 Liki Trike S5. This fantastic toddler bike grows with your little one, starting as a stroller replacement and gradually letting kiddo learn how to pedal until they finally can bike around unassisted. Nifty, right?

Let’s dive right in and give you the low down on this awesome toddler transportation.

So, you said transforming?

doona liki trike

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

That’s right, I did. See, the Liki Trike isn’t just the “World’s Most Compact Folding Trike” (their words, not mine), able to fold (mostly) flat with a button press so it fits into the carrying bag that it came with. That bag, by the way, is about the same size as your average backpack, making it able to fit into plane overhead compartments, or pretty much any space in your car.

If Doona had stopped there, it’d still be a cool bike. When was the last time you saw a folding bike for tots? They didn’t stop there though and brought with it four additional modes for your toddler to experience as they grow older, with the end goal of them being able to independently pilot their own toddler bike. Isn’t that cool?

Those modes are:

  • Parent mode: Designed for 10-18-month-olds, this keeps the parent in the driving seat while letting the willful toddler think they’re in charge. The pedals are locked, there’s a footrest, and a harness, backrest, protective bar, and a canopy all keep your little one secure. The parent bar lets you push and steer, and it’s easily adjustable depending on your height. Even at 6ft I found there was plenty of adjustment so I wasn’t contorted into odd shapes while pushing and steering
  • Push mode: Designed for 18-24-month-olds, you remove the protective bar and canopy so the little tyke is more independent
  • Tricycle mode: Now we’re into “terrible twos” territory, and you can take the footrest off, unlock the pedals, but still keep the parent bar attached so you’re still in control while your little one learns to pedal
  • Bike mode: By now your little one probably has a good grasp on pedaling, and you can take the backrest and parent bar off, and let them roam the streets in the toddler tricycle version of a biker gang. Or not, maybe you want to keep them inside your back yard

So, toddler power?

doona liki trike

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Okay, if you’ve never experienced the horror of trying to get a toddler into a stroller they don’t want to sit in, just trust me that it’s not a good time for anyone involved. Seriously, tears will happen on all sides. So far, that hasn’t happened with the Liki Trike, with our little one racing to get sat on it whenever they see us unzip the carrying bag. It’s some kind of magic, I think, because it placates faster than an ice-cream cone.

So far we’ve not moved the footrests down to the pedal position, but that day is fast approaching. Even without self-locomotion, it’s still the best place to sit when we go for walks, judging by the grin on their face. And really, that’s all any parent wants to see once they’ve spent hard-earned cash on something for their progeny.

doona liki trike

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Doona also knows how to accessorize. All three versions of the Liki Trike come with a clip-on cup holder, and a storage bag that clips onto the parent bar (this has a logo printed on the Deluxe and Midnight models). The Deluxe model (which we tested) also comes with the storage bag that’s usually $45 on its own, and wooden handlebars which feel pretty nice under the hands. The Midnight version upgrades that to faux-leather handlebars, and turns all the aluminum into dark mode.

So, should I buy the Doona Liki Trike?

If you want to spend any sort of quality time outdoors without having to fight with a toddler that won’t sit in a stroller, the Liki Trike is worth taking a spin on. It’s more portable than all but the most lightweight strollers, and will make your rambunctious little one feel like they’re in control, even if you’re sneakily driving from the backseat, as it were.

It’s solidly built, folds and unfolds in seconds, and feels sturdy when in use, something we can all agree is very important for anything your toddler is put in charge of.

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