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Review of Google Slides and its 7 most popular features

Google Slides is a powerful tool which also supports presentations created using other suites like MS PowerPoint or Openoffice.

Google Slides

Collaboration is the new way to complete successfully your work within the expected deadlines and with proper assistance from your colleagues, or assessment from your boss. In this article, we will review Google Slides, one of the most used online presentation software along with its specific and unique features. To fulfil the collaboration needs of any organization and individuals, Google launched one of its innovating products called Slides on March 9, 2006; deployed as a web application suite. It facilitates the creation and edition of online presentations in collaboration with other users. Using Slides is an easy task if you know the basics of PowerPoint presentations. But Google Slides is different in many ways; it is focused on creating impressive slide shows with just use of the browser on your device and with assets brought from Google Drive or the Web.

Google Slides is gaining momentum among the business users and online educators due to its simple yet effective user interface. The UI is designed in such a way that it caters the needs of users ranging from rookies to experts. Though it is tightly coupled with Google drive for sharing and saving your work; you can edit your presentations offline using Google app for Desktop or by using the Google slide extension for chrome. Google slides is built with full support for amazing and excellent features such as embedding video, adding audio to your presentations, a full vector engines for Shapes and the ability to create master slides and themes for google slides templates. Like other collaborative tools, Google slides also has chat and commenting features to make your presentation amazing. So to get you acquainted, we have reviewed some of the best features of Google slides and wrote down our thoughts:

1- No need of special software, browser-based, online:

Google Slides do not require any particular setup or driver installation to get started. You can start directly working on your presentation just by logging into your Google account. The web app is able to run in most of the popular browsers without caring much about the underlying hardware or software; this gives it an edge over other presentation software like PowerPoint who’s online version is still only a subset of the full presentation features. So you can create the same high-quality presentations across the variety of operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows without compromising the quality.

google slides

2- Collaborative creation of presentations:

Google Slides is launched with an objective; “enable users to share and collaborate on presentations in real time”. In today’s competitive environment, projects are becoming more complex. It might not be sufficient to have only one person working on a project which might require content from different fields. Google slides solve this problem by allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project contributing their knowledge from different fields. Tracking changes, allowing version control and adding a conversational interface to users that want to chat during the creative process.

3- Powerful shapes engine:

In most of the business presentations and educational lessons, figures and shapes play an important role. Metaphors, process descriptions, frameworks, etc. Several diagrams and shapes need to be created for empowering the message. Google Slide’s shape engine is so powerful that you can create almost any shape with many customization options. You can change the border color of your shapes, add unique animation effects, insert a link for your shape and other basic design features that make google slides not only a presentation software but also a graphic design tool.  Google Slide’s shape also has the options to define the opacity and rotation (either horizontally or vertically) of your shapes to fit into the flow of your presentation. With the use of shapes engine, you can draw almost any type of shapes and such shapes can be customized with professional color palates and advanced transparency features.

google slides

4- Slidemaster feature and templates:

Google slides provides users with all the features to create an impressive presentation. The Slide master functionality takes the tool to the next level incorporating the ability to create templates that others users can apply to their presentations in order to comply with design patterns, color palettes and slide layouts. The Slide Master features let you edit and personalize the master slides and layouts for your presentation. You can modify backgrounds, create unique slides to suit your requirements, you can rearrange the placeholders. There is also an option customize the text formatting that will be followed through your entire presentation.

google slides

For general users, besides creating their own presentation,  they can import or download Google slides templates or professional templates from other sites and create professional presentations with google slides.

4- Mobile ready:

In today’s competitive and busy world, no device is left apart to keep you working anytime, anywhere. Google Slides is also designed to work on any platform including your mobile devices. Google already has released the compatible apps for two of the world’s most used smartphone operating systems: iOS and Android. With such a wide device and platform support slides ensure getting your work done without caring much about what medium you are using.

google slides 4

From the google slides mobile App, you can choose to work offline, present remotely (using the phone as a remote pointer) and even cast in different Smart TV sets (also google chromecast and apple tv are supported)

6- Photo editing and masking feature:

You can add images and photos to give the personal touch to your presentation using the ‘Image’ option. Moreover, slides give you an opportunity to edit the imported photos the way you want. It features some of the advanced image editing options like cropping, resizing, and defining the display parameters like contrast, brightness and transparency too. The most amazing option for editing your photos is ‘Recolor’. When you import an image in Google slides template, you are currently working on, you will see a palate at the right-hand side with option ‘Recolor’. When you select the desired the image and click on ‘Recolor’ option you will see your image in a lot of other color combinations. You just need to click on the specific color combination in order to use it.  Another advanced image editing option supported by Google slides is photo masking. With the photo masking option in Google slide, you can make the unwanted layer in your image invisible and enhance your images in slides itself.

Google Slides

7- Powerful fonts engine:

Google has been developing its own fonts for a quite some time now and it has resulted in some of the best font combinations. Google slides fully supports all the Google fonts through its powerful fonts engine. You can view all the available fonts by just clicking on fonts option and choose the appropriate font for your presentation.


Google has been defining the innovative ways and setting new benchmarks for itself with the launch of each product. Google Slides is a powerful tool which also supports presentations created using other suites like MS PowerPoint or Openoffice. The presentations created using Google slides can be shared with your peers online so as to get valuable feedback and suggestions. It is one of the best online tools to create your business or educational presentations online with either inbuilt google slides templates or professionally customized google templates.  It is free for all the users, with the only requirement of a Google account to access this web app.

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