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Review: Homitt cordless power scrubber

This made me hate cleaning slightly less.

homitt power scrubber
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

UPDATE 11/12/2022 3:35 PM ET: This product is no longer available. If you need something comparable, here are some alternative buying options to consider.

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I’ve reviewed my fair share of strange things here on KnowTechie, but when this cordless power scrubber from Homitt arrived at my doorstep, I thought it was Kevin trying to subtly tell me I needed to get my life in order.

Whether or not that is true (and I still hold that it is), this power scrubber is something I never thought I would need (or even want), but after using it for the past couple of weeks, I can honestly say it has been a nice addition to my home. Currently on Amazon for under $60, if you have a household (specifically bathrooms and kitchens) that are in need of a power clean, this is hard to pass up.

What’s included with your Hommit power scrubber purchase

power scrubber brushes
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

In the box, you’ll find the main unit, an extender handle (which makes the entire unit about 45 inches long), four brushes, and a charging brick. Brushes include two flat bristle brushes, a dome brush, and a corner brush. All of these are pretty self-explanatory, but I will say that the dome brush was just kind of meh, I never found a real use for it. Bristles are firm, but not overly stiff, which is nice for cleaning tile grout and drains.

Powering the unit is two 2150 Mah LG batteries. A typical session will keep your batteries charged for over an hour, but more difficult jobs (ones where you might have to press down harder) will lower that time a bit.

Charging the unit takes about three hours. Some reviews have noted that it is important to keep the power scrubber charged, as extended periods of not using it could kill the battery, making it unable to hold a charge. Personally, I never encountered this, but it is something to keep in mind.

How well does it work?

I’m going to be honest here, I went into this expecting to be underwhelmed. When testing how fast the brushes would spin, it really wasn’t that impressive. The website says that while in use the brush spins at 300 RPM, but that number drops if you are pressing down hard. With just an eye test on a clean surface, I didn’t expect too much here. That said, once the bristles hit a dirty surface, the results were impressive.

Using your favorite cleaning products for showers and floors, I found it was best to just let it soak for a minute and then go to town on the grime.  The brush maintains a constant spin speed and keeps physical exertion at a minimum. It also features an adjustable head, which is nice for reaching corners. Sadly, it only can be angled at one position. It would have been nice to see more options here.

At under four pounds, using the Homitt power scrubber is a breeze and the various attachments make most cleaning jobs manageable. A bigger, powerful battery would have definitely been welcome here, but I’m sure keeping the weight down was a priority. Overall, if you hate you cleaning and are looking for an easier solution, the Homitt should definitely be on your radar.

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