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Review: MacDroid

MacDroid makes transferring the files from an Android device to a Mac device easier

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The troubles of Mac users are not unknown to people. Due to the technology, files cannot be easily transferred from an iOS operated device to any other device. But with the birth of MacDroid, the process has become easier, and the files could be transferred instantly.

Electronic Team creates MacDroid to bridge the gap between people who use Android and people who use the Mac application. The app successfully transfers documents, photos, and videos from one device to another without any added hassle. The process of operating the application is not complex and can be easily be operated by any layman. 

MacDroid Features

Some of the important features of this best android file transfer for mac app are as follows:

  • It seamlessly transfers photos, videos, documents, and other files from the android device to the iOS device and vice versa. 
  • The software can be mounted in both internal and external storage location, which provides the user with a choice. 
  • The customer can transfer the videos and watch them offline on some other device. 
  • In terms of editing, one can shift the documents to the other device, which saves time and energy. 
  • The software’s main idea is to bridge the gap between the android device and the iOS supported device. 
  • The app comes with a pro feature, which the customer can get if they pay a small amount yearly. The pro version of the app gives constant updates so that the software performs in its best capacity. 
  • Due to the transfer facility, it saves both time and effort.

How to use MacDroid 

The app is easy to operate. The steps of installation are given below:

  • The USB ports of the devices are used to connect the software. To ensure a seamless transfer of the file, the USB should be firmly connected to the device. 
  • Set the MacDroid to MTP
  • The device will receive an access request. Select yes. 
  • In the next step, select the options file transfer. 
  • A message will pop on the screen stating that the device is successfully connected. 
  • The details of the device connect will be displayed on the left side taskbar. 
  • At this stage, the user will have the option to change the device’s name and personalize it. 
  • Properly check if the device is mounted, or else the transfer would not happen. 

Types of transfer 

MacDroid essentially transfers a file following two distinct processes: 

  • ADB Process- in the ADB process, the computer system does not ask for any access request. The process starts automatically, and it is easier and faster than the MTP process. 
  • MTP Process- this process works on permission mode. When both the devices are connected, an access request is sent to the device. Upon approval, the transfer process starts.


MacDroid makes transferring the files from an Android device to a Mac device easier than the previous process. The application is uncomplicated and is easily available on the internet. 

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