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Review: Veered smart wallet – if you like your wallet thicc, this is it

Still looking for the “smart” part of the wallet.

veered wallet
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

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I can’t tell you the last time I replaced my wallet for a new one. If I were to guess, I’ve been using the same one for at least ten years. And it’s not really a traditional wallet either. It’s essentially a cardholder –  something I can store my debit and credit cards in. I don’t normally carry cash on me, so I have never really needed much. If anything, I need something new I can store my cards in.

This is where a Veered smart wallet comes into play. It’s a souped-up cardholder that can hold cash and other valuables. It also has a hidden compartment for your change, keys, and even a condom if you ever get so lucky. Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions, and if you’re still lugging around a brick in your pack pocket, Veered might be exactly the thing you’re looking for, but it’s not perfect.

For a couple of weeks, I dropped my ancient cardholder and gave the Veered wallet a run for its money. How did it do? Let’s find out.

veered smart wallet

Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

My previous cardholder was pretty thin. It didn’t take up much space in my pocket, so sometimes I barely knew it was there. The Veered wallet is an entirely different story. It’s not slim by any stretch. Like, it’s thick, so there was definitely an adjustment period while getting used to it. For this very reason, I wasn’t immediately sold on it.

The wallet is capable of holding five cards, and when I attempted to transfer my cards from my old wallet to this new one, I realized I was well over the limit, so I had to stick them under the cash strap. And when I loaded five cards into the cardholder section of the wallet, it wasn’t easy to get them in there. The cards have to be lined up just right for them to slide in and out quickly, and even when I lined them up correctly, I still wasn’t able to slide the cards out effortlessly.

I had to essentially use two hands. But this got better over time and eventually offered me a smoother experience anytime I had to whip out a card.

The wallet itself doesn’t feel cheap by any stretch

veered smart wallet thick

Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

The product page describes the wallet as being crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. I can’t independently verify that, but it definitely has a quality feel, and I’ll just go ahead and take their word for it. The website also claims it’s scratch-resistant, but after normal usage over a couple of weeks, I saw some visible scratches on it. They are hard to notice, but I still see them.

This Veered wallet is great for those who need it. While I didn’t have the best experience with it, it doesn’t mean you won’t. I don’t really carry cash or condoms on me, nor do I have the need for a secret compartment. I have pockets for that. Using the Veered wallet for a couple of weeks was a nice change of pace, but due to its bulkiness, I’m now back to using my tried and true cardholder. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say.

The Veered smart wallet retails for $65 and can be purchased directly from the company’s website or Amazon.

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