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This Black Friday deal scores you custom art of your DNA sequence for just $99


nebula human art project black friday
Image: Nebula

You’ve heard of getting your genome sequenced by now, but have you heard you could get art made from the results? That’s what genetics company Nebula is doing, where for the paltry sum of $99, you can get your genome sequenced and custom artwork created and sent to you.

It’s called The Human Art Project, and it’s pretty darn cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of customized art to hang on their living room wall?

You might have heard worrying things about the privacy aspect of your genome, especially with other for-profit sequencing companies. Nebula has a different model, where your genome is private by default, with any sharing completely opt-in, and they’ll even pay you for your anonymized genetic data! I mean, if you’re the product, you should get compensation for it, right?

That $99 doesn’t just get you your genome and customized art from Nebula

You also get a year of Nebula’s Explore subscription, which brings unlimited personalized updates, genomic research, oral microbiome sequencing, genetic traits, ancestry reports, and blockchain-based storage so your data can’t be tampered with.

If you already have a profile from Ancestry or 23andme, you can upload your results and still get the in-depth analysis from Nebula, and buy your customized artwork.

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