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Seven reasons why you should be playing EVE Online

If you’ve tried Eve Online before but found it too dense, give it another shot. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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Image: CCP Games

15 years ago CCP Games developer released Eve Online, an unusual sci-fi space combat massively multiplayer game that revolves around a player-driven economy and society.

Unlike most games that have tried the same, Eve managed to survive, even thrive, and its popularity has only risen with time. Bellow, we list 7 reasons to try this MMORPG game.

Lots of action: This game is about engaging in combat, while other players are trying their best to avoid combat, you should fight often. However, there is one strong rule in EVE Online “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.” The biggest reason why people stop playing this game is that they lost their ship and had no money to replace it. So play wisely, and be ready to take risks when you got into conflict.

Team up: Once you started the game, join a corporation, as soon as you can. Playing solo in this game will only result in boredom. After joining, you will have an easier time to understand how the game really works. If you still don’t understand the game, join EVE University, it can help you understand whether you wanted to be a pirate, salvager, or an industrialist.

Challenging: Many people consider EVE Online to be a complex game. A single mistake can make you lose all of the stuff that you collected for weeks, even months. EVE Online isn’t a game that you can learn in a month, usually playing for a long time and practicing a lot will make you get used to the game. EVE Online might be a complicated game for some people, but for you, who likes to be challenged, it’s definitely the game for you.

Unique characters: When first starting the game, you will need to create an account, then, you will be required to decide your race, bloodline, school, portrait, and name. There are four races in the game: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar. A bloodline in EVE refers to the character’s familial ancestry which will determine which NPC’s corporations you will join once you are no longer in a Player Corporation or Starter Corporation. The school you choose will determine your started solar system and Starter Corporation you will be in.

It’s a Sandbox game: The company that makes EVE Online has essentially gave us a giant, messy universe to play in. And what one decides to do in that universe is up to you. There’s no defined end-game. No maxed out levels or areas that restrict you out once you have a certain level of skill. You can do whatever you want, and define your own goals.

Does your vision of success include leading a successful corporation? You can do that. Does it include flying a titan or supercarrier, the largest kinds of ships in the game? You can do that. Really, whatever your self-defined goal is, you can pursue it and make it happen. But nobody tells you what that goal should be. There are no victory conditions, no final battles. You are your own master. It’s really very post-modern

The user base is always growing: EVE Online has had a steady increase in players since its release date. Despite being a sort of dark horse MMO game because it deals with science fiction and is not associated with any intellectual property, it continues to grow. EVE Online has two free expansions a year, with lots of things going on in them.

You can earn a lot of money playing this game: You can sell in-game items or currencies in an online marketplace like However, keep in mind, this goes against the game’s terms of service and if you’re caught, you’ll immediately be banned from the game. 

Eve Online has come a long way since its release. Though still far from the most popular MMO, its developers deserve credit for evolving the game and reaching new players without simultaneously destroying the hardcore PvP which makes headlines. If you’ve tried Eve before but found it too dense, give it another shot. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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