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Six tips to improve your focus while gaming

Let’s get into six ways to improve your focus while gaming and get the best out of your game experience.

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If you a gamer you probably like to win and will take any opportunity to get ahead of the opposition. However, gaming might be more demanding than it lets on, leaving most gamers distracted and unfocused.

Regardless of your favorite platform, preference of console or PC, if you are a passionate gamer that ever caught yourself having huge difficulty in staying focused, then the following tips can be useful for boosting your gaming to the next level. Let’s get into six ways to improve your focus while gaming and get the best out of your game experience.

Pay Attention To Your Body’s Signals

Before you start to play, make sure to eat properly and refrain from sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Many gamers that play for hours, usually forget about necessary nutrition or using the bathroom. However, the longer your body is hungry, the more nervous it gets, leading to lower performance and reduced energy in your gaming. Also, when your bladder is full, your brain is working on using the muscles of the bladder to ‘hold it in.’ 

As an addition, staying awake till the morning also isn’t the best idea. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your physical and mental health as well as general well-being. Try to sleep properly, always get enough hours of quality sleep, and listen to your organism to be at your best.

Give Meditation A Try

Meditation is a widespread practice that offers multiple benefits, including improved concentration. This mindfulness session doesn’t include just sitting with your eyes closed. Many different activities can help you meditate, such as yoga, deep breathing, and even slow walking in the forest.

Regular meditation can help to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduce pain, and provide quality sleep and more effective oxygen use by an organism. Also, this technique ensures relief from stress and anxiety by mitigating the effects of the body’s “fight-or-flight” response, which results in a decrease in the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Simply sitting in a comfortable position for a few minutes is a relaxing and useful habit that reboot your brain, activate concentration, and create an overall sense of wellness. If you aren’t sure how to start, try to download meditation apps like Insight Timer or watch videos and tutorials on YouTube to find an option that suits you, and fulfill your needs.  

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

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Be sure to sit properly and wear comfortable clothing while playing a video game. The best posture is sitting down in a nice sturdy chair with feet standing on the ground at a 100-degree angle. The right chair and position helps with comfort and takes the pressure off the back. 

If you feel uncomfortable during gaming, then you should consider getting a new chair that can keep your back correctly. Try to avoid purchasing a too solid or hard chair, instead opt for specially designed gaming chairs. As an alternative, you can buy a computer chair to make sure nothing can cause any damage to your body. If you use a console, you also need to pay attention to chosen seats and bring enough blankets and pillows to make yourself cozy.

Additionally, ensure your eye fixations are in great condition. If you wear contacts, be confident they aren’t dry and if you wear glasses, check whether they are clean.

Set Boundaries

Sometimes taking a quick break is a crucial part of becoming better.  Next time you first feel your concentration drop and struggling to focus, take a short mental break. You can restore your energy and refresh yourself with a drink or healthy nutritious snack as well as by taking a walk or going outside for some fresh air.

Frequent breaks of your game can be useful for seeing different aspects and new strategies when you come back. When you return to playing, don’t be surprised if you feel more motivated, focused, and concentrated as breaks can help boost these functions to high levels.

Also, don’t forget to take some time off to give your eyes a rest and help your brain to process coming thoughts that may be clouding your alertness. 

Exercise Regularly

Consider pausing the game from time to time and make time for exercise. Improved concentration is among the many advantages of regular exercise. Physical activity benefits everyone, and if you are exercising, you will be able to be more focused, react faster, and play better. You can even add some fun to this activity and aim for ten push-ups and sit-ups every time you lose while gaming.

Try to incorporate having a little stretch pre, during, or after your game to prevent the body from getting sore after sitting in one position for many hours. Stretching is a vital practice that helps to avoid muscles shorten and getting tight while maintaining their health, flexibility, and strength. It can also promote better posture, diminish stress, and body aches, which is beneficial for all game lovers. Also, light walk or jog around the block might help to produce endorphins in an organism that helps to fight depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

What’s more, long-term gaming can cause strain and less responsiveness in your hands, which decreases your gaming skills and results. Try out to improve your hand and wrist muscles with different exercises such as tennis ball squeeze, finger and wrist stretches, or thumb opposition. Strengthening hand and wrist muscles help to prevent exhaustion from setting in, make them more reflexive and fast to react.

Consider Taking CBD Oil

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Image: Healthline

During the game, nothing should divert you from full dive in the playing process. If you ever faced the feeling of boiling with anger, willing to throw your controller at the wall or hard times to concentrate and relax, this natural compound can help to stimulate better alertness while providing relief. 

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive component that is obtained from cannabis plants. It’s widely used for various therapeutic purposes due to its health benefits, healing, and soothing properties. 

CBD is an organic supplement with a good safety profile known for its ability to help reduce symptoms of most physical and mental imbalances and ailments. For all the gamers out there, it might be especially useful for improving focus, increasing energy levels, and alleviating anxiety instigated by peer pressure.

However, make sure to visit your doctor or healthcare provider before using CBD products to avoid unwanted reactions and adverse effects, particularly if you have hypersensitivity or you are taking different medications during this time.

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