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Slap a case on your new iPhone 12 for just $4

At just $4 each, these are an absolute steal.

iphone 12 case deal
Image: KnowTechie

If you plan on dropping over $700+ for a new iPhone 12, the next purchase on your list should be a case. I mean, why not? How would you feel if you dropped it? I’m guessing the feeling wouldn’t be all that great. So, do yourself a favor and slap a case on that puppy. And if you need one on the cheap, here are some options that get you a brand new case for just under $4.

Regardless if you plan on going with the iPhone 12 Mini, Pro, or the Pro Max – all of these cases will set you back just $3.99. All you have to do is enter code E62O4QE6 to get the discount. Unfortunately, color choices are a bit limited, so your only option is black. But hey, at $4, who’s complaining, right?

Alright, these are your choices:

Again, to get the discounted price, you’ll have to enter promo code E62O4QE6 at checkout to see the savings. Without the code, the cases are $8 each, which is still a great price too. But we’re guessing you’ll opt for the discount, which is essentially a no-brainer. Don’t miss out; this is a killer deal.

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