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Smart technology can improve your skiing

Regardless of whether you would like to try out any of the newest ski smart technologies out in the world, the fact is that more are being developed all of the time.

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Smart technology has taken over many sports, so it should come as no surprise that it has also entered into the world of skiing. Beyond taking videos of yourself skiing, smart technology can now improve how you ski and help you become the best skier possible. This is what you need to know about smart tech and the future of skiing.

Old Tech

Before we dive into what the new tech has to offer, let’s go over what the old skiing technology looked like. The use of video cameras for skiing has always been around. Once smartphones enter the scene, they became the simplest and most accessible method of showing your latest stunts, skills, and adventures. Naturally, smartphone technology has also improved, and with the invention of the waterproof casing, it is very easy to use your smartphone to document your snow sports pursuits. 

Beyond smartphones, another form of technology that has been used in skiing is action cameras. The best-known camera, GoPro, provides users with both a front and back view. Some of the newer models can even provide you with a 360 view. They are also waterproof and durable, allowing you to really document what you have been up to on the slopes.

Yet, with the new technology, they have moved beyond simply filming yourself and all of your achievements. They have now moved into helping you to become a better athlete.

New Tech

The newest technology to help skiers relies not on filming, but instead on your feet. Whether you have regular width or wide ski boots, there is now a form of technology that will be able to read your movements based on the movement of your skis. This then provides you with feedback that you can use to become a better skier.

The company that is providing this innovative technology is called Carv. They have a system that documents the motion and the pressure that you put on your boots. The data is then sent to an app on your mobile device that you can see in real-time. This means that you are getting a digital ski coach in real-time. With this feedback, you do not need to review your movements later to figure out where you could do better. Instead, you will know right away that something you are going could be approved on. Then, since it will read out the changes that you have made, you will know whether the adjustments have been effective.

While the Carv technology was created to help the most serious skiers that does not mean that it cannot be used by less experienced skiers. In the world that we live in now, it is now always easy to get a personal ski coach who would be able to help your movements. Having a digital coach to help you out can guide you toward being a better skier at any level.

Another new form of ski technology that has been incredibly beneficial is the creation of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Sure, GPS has been around for a while and is built into most smartphones, the technology itself has improved greatly. Now, if you are lost out in the snow, your phone can be triangulated to help rescuers figure out where you are located in order to save you. This has been used several times around the world in the past few years, so it is not a technology to take lightly.

Additionally, because of the progression of smartphone technology as well as GPS, ski lodges are now hooking up Wi-Fi for skiers to connect to while they are on the mountain. That way, the cell signal that might have otherwise been lost, will now be accessible to provide an extra amount of security.

The Future

Regardless of whether you would like to try out any of the newest ski smart technologies out in the world, the fact is that more are being developed all of the time. You can expect to see this kind of technology appear in other parts of your gear or with new devices. All of these will not only make you a better skier overall, but they can help make you a safer skier as well.

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