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Snap the perfect shot with this $4 flexible tripod

Never ask a stranger to take a picture for you again with this $4 flexible tripod.

Flexible Tripod

Never ask a stranger to take a picture for you again with this $4 flexible tripod.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while traveling, it’s that you can’t trust random passerbys to take good photos of you and your companions. Hell, you usually can’t trust them to know what button to push on the camera.

But with a flexible tripod like this, you can frame the shot and change your camera settings by yourself, and maybe even get a vacation photo worth framing. At a ridiculously low $4, it even includes a smartphone holder and a Bluetooth shutter remote.

Here’s the key features: 

  • Long, flexible legs covered in high density foam allow your camera to be firmly mounted on flat or uneven surfaces – even at odd angles that would otherwise be too extreme for other tripods!
  • Put your tripod on a table, around a pole, or even hanging from a tree branch! The high density foam legs and tacky rubber feet give your tripod the grip it needs to grip any and all surfaces ensuring you have a stable shot.
  • Our Professional Series Tripod with a smartphone holder ,a Gopro Tripod Adapter and a long Screw, so you use our tripod to take photo by your phone or Gopor Camera .
  • Larger and denser than similar tripod styles, our Professional Series Tripod features high-quality material from , Durable and Reliable. Compare to other Tripod in the market, our devices are more stable.


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