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Snapchat’s new My Places makes the Snap Map more useful than ever

The feature gives users the tools to organize various locations within the Snap Map.

snapchat my places feature
Image: Snap

A few years ago, Snapchat added the Snap Map, which lets users keep up with their friends and check in to locations with their posts.

Now, the app is adding a pretty major upgrade to the Snap Map that will help you discover interesting new locations as well as keep up with your favorite places. My Places is Snapchat’s all-new map feature, and it begins rolling out to users this week.

The Snap Map lets you discover public Snaps from users all over the world, but My Places is adding a whole new aspect to the app’s integrated map that resembles some features found in Google Maps. My Places lets users sort various locations into three different tabs on the Snap Map: Popular, Favorites, and Visited.

snapchat my places screenshot
Image: KnowTechie

The Popular tab in the new My Places feature will show businesses and locations that other Snapchat users frequently check into. Places like popular bars and clubs or noteworthy restaurants and coffee shops will show up on the Snap Map Popular tab.

The other two tabs that come as part of the My Places feature will focus more on your personal habits. The Favorites tab contains a list of locations that you have favorited, noted by the new heart icon on the map. In addition to favorites, there is a new Visited tab that shows every location that you have checked in to in the past.

With more than 30 million locations available on the Snap Map, the new My Places feature will be a great way to organize the locations that you might visit. The feature began rolling out earlier this week, so users worldwide should see the new My Places update very soon.

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