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Facebook halts the sale of the Oculus Quest 2 because it was irritating some people’s skin

The company has developed a silicone cover to help combat the issue.

Oculus quest 2 headset
Image: Oculus

Just as Facebook is geared up to release an updated version of the entry-level Oculus Quest 2, the company has halted sales of previous models. This comes after several reports that the foam faceplate included on Quest 2 headsets was causing skin irritation in some customers.

Earlier this year, the company addressed this issue in a Facebook post. At the time of the original post, Oculus claimed that only about 0.01% of users were having these skin irritation issues. However, as the post gained more traction, more people complained about skin irritation from the Quest 2 faceplate. The company then had to come up with a solution.

A few months ago, Facebook changed up the makeup of exactly what went into manufacturing the foam faceplates on the Quest 2. The company eliminated some elements of the faceplate that could potentially cause irritation and offered a replacement for all users. But that wasn’t enough, as the company has now introduced a new solution.

Earlier this week, the post was updated once more, notifying users that Oculus had developed a new silicone cover to fit over the foam faceplate. The new silicone cover will be included with every new Oculus Quest 2 headset, including the new 128GB version that the company is releasing soon.

Oculus is also offering one of these silicone covers to all Oculus Quest 2 owners. By heading over to this page on the Oculus website, users can request a silicone cover for their previously purchased Quest 2 headset.

This seems like a pretty formidable solution, and hopefully, this new cover prevents the Oculus Quest 2 from causing any more skin irritation for its users.

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