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Snoop Dogg has been secretly moonlighting as a popular NFT account on Twitter

Honestly, nothing surprises us anymore.

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NFTs might not have the same fervent following they did even six months ago, but there are still plenty of people out there buying, selling, and creating digital artwork on the blockchain. Now, it has been revealed that none other than Snoop Dogg is behind one popular NFT account on Twitter.

This week, the Twitter account @CozomoMedici announced that they had been doxed (meaning they had information found and revealed about them) and that instead of letting rumors pile up, they would announce who the owner of the account was.

Shortly after, Snoop stated on his Twitter account, “I am @CozomoMedici”. Back on the Cozomo account, it was announced that the two accounts would remain separate.

“Those who do not care, or simply prefer to not know the source of my vast fame and fortune, may simply not research. I will keep this account focused on NFTs, and not mention this again here,” states the account.

Tone Deaf reports that Snoop Dogg has been dabbling in NFTs since at least March, when he released an NFT set called “A Journey with the Dogg.”

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