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So it turns out Microsoft *isn’t* working on a dedicated streaming console

The rumored ‘streaming only’ Xbox console is history.

Xbox one in black and white
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We’ve been hearing about “Project Scarlett,” the codename for the next consoles from Xbox, for over a year now so we felt we knew most of the facts. We were wrong, as Xbox lead Phil Spencer has conclusively said that Xbox won’t be bringing the rumored streaming-only console out in 2020.

Instead, just the disc-based version of the next-gen console from Microsoft will appear on store shelves.

Xbox will only be bringing one console from Project Scarlett out in 2020

The only AMD-powered Project Scarlett device launching in 2020 will be a traditional, home-only console. It’s got a custom chipset based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Navi architectures, tons of RAM, and is supposedly 4-times the power of the existing Xbox One X. I can’t wait.

  • Project Scarlett had two rumored consoles when we first heard of it, a traditional disc-based one and a streaming-only one, similar to the disc-less Xbox One S
  • Xbox is working on game streaming, but to our smartphones instead

Did one of the leakers get their wires crossed and confuse the streaming-to-smartphones service with a hardware release? Possibly, or it’s just as likely that there was a streaming-only console planned but the bad sales figures of the disc-less Xbox One S forced Xbox to change its plans.

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