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Soak in the sun with this $14 solar powered battery pack

Stay charged with the power of the sun.

solar panel charger
Image: Amazon

Paying $14 for a 10,000mAh battery pack is really good. Paying $14 for a 10,000mAh battery pack with a  built-in solar panel is just bananas. Thankfully, today you can get this battery pack with a built-in solar panel for just $14 with code TTTTZZZZ.

On top of having a solar panel, this little sucker also rocks a flashlight too. Sure, you won’t be able to charge the battery pack quickly using the solar panel, but then again, it can still charge if you’re outside all day. It’s a no-brainer, 10,000mAh of battery for $14 is an insane deal. Don’t pass it up.

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