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Someone is already planning to open a space hotel by 2027

Your cruise ship vacations could soon turn into a trip to space for the week.

Space hotel voyager station
Image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

Your summer vacations could become very different over the next few years. In this new golden age of space travel, a company is already planning to build a space hotel for tourists. And it could be fully operational by as early as 2027.

This isn’t the first time that we have heard about the ambitious space hotel. The plans for this endeavor were initially revealed back in 2019 by the Orbital Assembly Corporation in March 2021.

Orbital Assembly Corporation, a new construction company focused on building gravity-enabled structures, will build the space hotel, called Voyager Station.

Despite COVID restrictions and delays, Voyager Station will still begin construction in 2026 and could be finished by 2027.

The Voyager Station space hotel has a unique design

Space hotel voyager station
Image: Orbital Assembly Corporation

The design of Voyager Station itself is particularly unique. The space hotel will resemble a giant wheel that will rotate to simulate gravity. By rotating constantly, the station will be able to simulate gravity towards the outer edges.

However, closer to the center of the station will have no artificial gravity. And the space hotel will take advantage of that. It plans to offer recreational activities that are only made possible due to the lack of gravity.

All of this sounds like something out of a Star Trek episode, but it’s looking more and more likely to become a reality.

Several other companies, including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, have already begun to experiment with space’s tourism potential.

But as of now, these companies are having to settle for relatively quick flights to space. The Orbital Assembly Corporation is looking to change all of that with its Voyager Station space hotel in the next few years.

It’s unclear how much a stay in the space station is likely to cost once Voyager Station is up and operational. But I think it’s safe to say that it will be a little more than your average cruise down here on Earth.

Still, this is an incredible undertaking and it will be interesting to see if Voyager Station becomes a reality as quickly as the Orbital Assembly would like.

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