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Sonos partners with IFTTT to mix some cool automation recipes

With IFTTT integration, Sonos users can now connect their home sound system with other devices in the home.

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Back in August, Sonos said it would open up its API to third-party companies. Today, it has announced that it has partnered with IFTTT to bring some magical smart home recipes to life.

With IFTTT integration, Sonos users can now connect their home sound system with other devices in the home. With today’s beta launch, you can trigger your favorite songs and sounds on Sonos from millions of different IFTTT events.

For example, you can use Sonos to start up a radio station when you unlock your Ring-enable door lock, or “play your special pizza song (you do have a special pizza song, don’t you?)” when your next pizza order goes out for delivery. When used in combination with Phillips Hue lighting, you can even have everything bumping in sync at your next block party.

Actions available from Somos devices include basic playback control, pause/resume/next/previous, and volume controls (up, down, mute and unmute). You can start playing a pre-defined Sonos Favorite or song, album, and artist playlist.

As part of its quest to become more open, Sonos also plans to support Google Assistant integrations before the end of the year.

As a long-time IFTTT and Sonos users, I’m thrilled to hear this news and can’t wait to see how it’s developed over the coming weeks and months. Because it’s in beta, the Sonos-IFTTT does have some limitations. For example, you can’s use Sonos to trigger an alarm or other smart home devices. Instead, you’re limited to using IFTTT actions. Nonetheless, it’s a great start.

To get started with Sonos-IFTTT integration, Sonos has put together a list of actions you can already try. Let us know what you think below. 

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