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Sony to publish new PC and Nintendo Switch games with new label, Unties

Sony is cross platforming… kinda

Today, Sony announced that they are doing it again with their new publishing label, Unties. Unties has upcoming projects that will be coming to Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. This isn’t the first time Sony has gone out and published on non-PlayStation consoles.

So far, Unties has a few projects slated for release, but not much information is shared. It seems like this publishing company will be focused on indie titles. On Unties’ page, they hint at 4 different games ranging from Advance Wars-like TINY METAL, to mobile-to-VR ported Deemo.

The last time Sony branched out and published on other platforms, we saw gems ranging from PlanetSide to Payday: The Heist. Since Sony Online Entertainment was sold to Columbus Nova, the company has been renamed to Daybreak Games and is responsible for games likes H1Z1: King of the Kill and Just Survive.

If Daybreak Games’ success can be a reality, then I am excited to see what Unties has for us!


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