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Snap’s new Spectacles 2 designs aren’t as terrible as expected

Priced at $199, the new designs are available today.

spectacles 2 modern designs
Image: Snap

If you’ve been wanting to purchase a pair of Snap’s Spectacles but were unimpressed with their techie design, you’re in luck. Snap has now introduced two new models that look like regular glasses. Both contain the same enhancements found on the first Spectacles 2 models introduced in April. They also offer new features, according to The Verge.

The new styles, Veronica and Nico, feature polarized lenses and come with a black “semi-soft” case. Previous models offered a bright yellow hard case. Today, at launch, the new styles will be available in “limited quantities” and priced at $199. This fall, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus will offer the $199 styles at select stores.

Like before, Snap’s partner Lensabl will let customers order prescription lenses for their glasses.

spectacles 2 set and box

Image: Snap

Snap told The Verge that since Spectacles 2 arrived earlier in the year, users have been posting, on average, 40 percent more photos and videos captured with the glasses. The company has also made it easier to share content on other platforms by adding automatic camera roll saves and by allowing users to export video in the more conventional square and horizontal formats.

Spectacles 2 are waterproof and can survive the rain. Compared to the previous version, they also include two microphones.

This fall, Snap plans on adding a new Highlight Story feature which will automatically curate a day’s best Spectacles captures. Currently, you have to do that manually.

Do you use Spectacles or are thinking about buying a pair? The new designs look pretty good, no? Let us know in the comments below.

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