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Street Fighter: IV Champion Edition will launch on mobile phones this summer

Finally, a Street Fighter IV game that will accommodate the iPhone 6 Plus

When you think of Capcom’s most valuable intellectual properties, one of the first franchises that come to mind is Street Fighter. Since 1991, the Street Fighter series has often been considered the definitive fighting game.

Back in March of 2010, Capcom brought Street Fighter IV onto mobile devices. The results included improvements in the overall mobile gaming experience as well as retaining part of the in-game visuals from both the console and PC versions of Street Fighter IV.

Image: Touch Arcade

In turn, the mobile version of Street Fighter IV was a huge (as well as profitable) success. After the game’s initial success, in 2011 Capcom released an updated version titled Street Fighter IV Volt, which offered an online gameplay feature. Then in 2012 Capcom decided to port over a mobile version of Street Fighter X Tekken, both of which were also very successful on the mobile game market. However, it appears Capcom has more in store for Street Fighter IV.

According to the developer, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is in the works and is anticipated to release this in summer.  Much like its predecessor, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will be a fighting game released on mobile phones

Image: Touch Arcade

However, there are plenty of new features to separate it from the original including improvements to the gameplay mechanics, better graphics to accommodate widescreen and Plus-sized iPhones. On top of that, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will include three new fighters, Poison, Dudley and Ibuki, increasing the game’s roster size to 25 characters.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will arrive on mobile devices later this year.

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