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SwifDoo is an all-in-one PDF editor that lets you edit and compress files easily

SwifDoo takes a lot of the hassle out of dealing with different file types.

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There’s nothing more annoying than trying to edit a PDF file. The process of editing and converting PDFs to different file types can be painful and monotonous. Recently, I had the chance to check out SwifDoo, an all-in-one PDF editor that lets you edit and convert PDF files all in one place.

SwifDoo is an extremely light program, right around 10 MB, that you can use to take care of any of your PDF viewing or editing needs. The program has a very user-friendly interface that is very easy to understand and use. You can browse your computer for PDF files, and even set SwifDoo as your main PDF viewer.

In the app, you can do a variety of different tasks commonly associated with PDF files. You can convert PDF files to various other formats like word or image files. But SwifDoo’s functionality doesn’t stop there. So, let’s get into the different features available with the SwifDoo app.

SwifDoo’s features

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When you first open the SwifDoo app, you land on a homescreen with a few common features and functions available. From here, you can execute one of several common functions including converting PDF files to other file types and merging multiple PDFs together.

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When you click on one of these functions, the app will open a file explorer. From there, you can choose the PDF files that you’d like to edit. One of the coolest features on this main page is the ability to compress PDF files. SwifDoo will let you choose a PDF file and reduce its size so that the files take up less storage space.

I compressed a couple of PDF files and I was surprised by how much space the compression saved. When compressing a Torchlight game manual, my PDF file size reduced from almost 3 MB down to about half of an MB. While this single compression doesn’t save me a ton of space, compressing multiple PDF files could end up saving a ton of space and makes emailing files more efficient.

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What you see on the home page is just a glimpse of what SwifDoo can do with PDF files. By using the open menu in the top left of the SwifDoo app, you can open up any PDF file on your PC and edit with the app’s full capabilities. Once you’ve opened a PDF using the app, you can then edit the file to your heart’s desire.

SwifDoo gives you a full range of annotation options when looking at a PDF. Users can underline, highlight, or cross out text, among many other options using the “Annotate” menu. You can also edit and convert your PDFs from this view.

SwifDoo is a great all-in-one PDF editor

SwifDoo is the perfect, minimalistic PDF editor that can do just about anything you’d need to do with a PDF file. The user-friendly interface takes a lot of the pain out of dealing with different file types.

Most of the features available with SwifDoo are free, but there is a paid subscription available. The Pro version of the app costs $69 per year, or you can buy access to the program forever for $119. The Pro version unlocks a few extra features, like the ability to add links and page numbers, but most of SwifDoo’s features are available for free.

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