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  • facebook on smartphone with facebook text in background facebook on smartphone with facebook text in background

    Facebook reports positive Q4 earnings amid the constant chaos of privacy concerns

    Delete Facebook.

  • twitter logo on screen with tweetdeck twitter logo on screen with tweetdeck

    Tweetdeck went down last night and I doth lost my shits

    What is life even

  • social media icons social media icons

    Turns out, social media and not video games is why teens are depressed

    Score one for the gamers.

  • google shoelace google shoelace

    Google’s Shoelace will probably get caught in the social media escalator

    The fox chases the rabbit.

  • cabin in the woods without wi-fi cabin in the woods without wi-fi

    I went a week without Wi-Fi and totally survived (this reality)

    Reinsertion is hard.

  • white house lawn white house lawn

    White House launches a tool to complain about social media ‘censorship’

    ‘If you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump’

  • all you can get instagram content from jetblue all you can get instagram content from jetblue

    JetBlue contest tests the mighty addiction of your Instagram habit

    All you can taco

  • jack dorsey twitter jack dorsey twitter

    Twitter is thinking about giving you ways to edit your garbage tweets

    Twitter fingers turn to typo features.

  • facebook breach exposing passwords facebook breach exposing passwords

    Facebook takes another shit in our cereal, but we’ll keep eating that squishy, flaky load of social

    Just eat it.

  • instagram verified instagram verified

    You won’t ever be Instagram verified, so don’t bother trying

    What filter do you put on rejection?

  • skorr social skorr social

    With Klout gone, this app lets you keep “skorr” of your social influence

    The new service hopes to fill some of the void left by Klout's exit.

  • Share your ever-evolving story with social platform PikMobile

    A social experience that rewards you for the amazing content you upload.

  • 7 tips for a rocking Instagram profile

    As one of the biggest social networks in the world, Instagram is a major go-to for all companies aiming for a...

  • blog traffic blog traffic

    How to increase traffic to your new blog

    Making a blog these days is very simple and anyone can do it. On the other hand, making successful and long...

  • Hacker Hacker

    4 ways to tell if the person calling you is not a scammer

    We all get that random number calling us, but we never know if it's a scammer or not. Here's 4 things...

  • curved samsung smartphone curved samsung smartphone

    Do you prefer a flat or curved screen on your smartphone?

    Curved smartphones screens are all the rage right now, but is something we really want?

  • rubric app rubric app

    This app automatically generates Instagram captions for you

    Being one of the world's largest social networks, Instagram has some third-party apps - Rubic is one of them, automatically creating...

  • twitter replies twitter replies

    Twitter does something they should have done ages ago

    It's 2017 and Twitter finally decided to cut out @username replies out of the 140-character limit. What a time to be...

  • Facebook live location Facebook live location

    You can now share your location with friends in Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has a new way for you to stalk your friends and family members. It's called Live Location and it's being...

  • instagram how to unblock someone on instagram instagram how to unblock someone on instagram

    These are the most used Instagram filters

    One of the world's biggest social networks, Instagram is popular for its filters. They can make photos look better, so let's...

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