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NewNew is an app that lets you pay money to make decisions for people

It’s not as ominous as it sounds, but it is still weird.

Newnew app
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Just when you think that social media is done evolving, you get surprise entries into the market, like NewNew. NewNew is an app that aims to bring creators and followers closer together by developing an innovative way for the two to interact.

NewNew is a social media app that lets users follow their favorite creators and even have some influence over their decisions. NewNew allows users to develop polls that their followers can vote in to help make certain decisions, like which outfit to wear or where to order takeout from.

The catch with NewNew’s polling system is that it costs money to vote. Someone can develop a poll that gives different outcomes that can be achieved. Followers can then pay to vote in the poll, becoming part of that particular person’s decision making process.

At first glance, the concept behind NewNew can seem a little alarming. Giving strangers the ability to make decisions for you definitely sounds a little sketchy. But in practice, the app is much less disturbing. NewNew’s goal is to bring creators closer to their followers by giving a sense of community. The app is aimed at creators, like artists, musicians, and storytellers and the goal is to give a creator’s community an avenue to connect with their favorite creators.

Say you follow a livestreamer who plays video games on Twitch. In addition to other methods of support, that streamer could establish a NewNew profile where their followers could vote on things like which games to play or which creators to collaborate with. This would give community members the tools to become closer with their favorite creators, while simultaneously supporting that creator’s work.

Though it is still in the beta phase with minimal users, NewNew is developing some good momentum, and founder Courtne Smith is confident in the app. In talking with BBC, Smith said this about the app, “NewNew provides a two-way beneficial split. Five dollars is a small amount of money to pay to have fun and get a reward.

NewNew seems like a very cool concept. The platform could be a great way for creators of all sorts to help connect with and grow their following. It will be interesting to see how the platform develops.

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