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#TBT: The Tamagotchi

Some creative uses for our favorite throwback digital pet.


girltechie logoTamagotchi

This week’s #GirlTechie #TBT is every 90’s girl’s favorite digital pet, the Tamagotchi.

The Tamagotchi

Born: 1996

Origin: Japan

Last seen: 2010 (reportedly)

Function: Upon activation, a small egg appears which eventually grows into a pet. This pet needs to be named, fed, cleaned up after and nurtured through gameplay. Later versions of Tamagotchi allowed you to connect with your friends’ devices and marry off your pets to create more offspring. Should you not look after your pets, they die.

What it could be used for today: 

  • A retro keychain

  • As a practice parent training device in high school home economics. Do they still teach home ec in high school?

  •  To Pavlov your way into “killing off your ex.” Simply name your pet after your ex and then ignore it. Don’t feed it. Let it sit in its’ own filth. It will eventually die, along with your memory of your ex.

  • An Christmas tree ornament.

  • Trade it for the Octopus Beanie Baby. Oh, wait…

Happy Thursday to all the former Tamagotchi mothers out there.

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