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Tech revolution: How it affects the job marketplace

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The job market is constantly evolving, reflecting the trends of modern living. Over the past year, many have issued proclamations that AI and automation will inevitably reduce or eliminate jobs. As the Ball State University study points out, this has already happened to a certain degree. However, all is not lost and there are still plenty of bright spots for the future.

Here’s an overview of how technology is positively affecting the job marketplace.  

Short-Term Loss, Long Term Gain

It’s true that increased automation, robotics, and AI are slowly replacing jobs held by people. As the world grows more comfortable with technology, the question becomes “when” and not “if” (think self-driving cars). However, that could mean more doors open as new jobs are created that require different skill sets, such as digital technologies and data management. It may even expand the parameters for work beyond “high-level” and “low-level” with a whole new category landing somewhere in between.

Less Time, Less Money Spent Finding Employees

Companies are already changing the way they identify and seek top talent. No longer reliant on classifieds or a handful of recruiters, companies can now reach a larger group of potential candidates via social media and crowdsourcing platforms. They further reduce costs by using technology to screen applicants, perform interviews and using data to predict a potential employee’s chance for success. Less time and less money are wasted, which could potentially translate into higher, more attractive wages for employees.

Increased Need for Management

As industries employ more sophisticated technology, they need people to manage the use of these technologies. Management roles have always been essential, but the management of technologies will increase in importance as well as managing people. Managers will need to understand data and analytics and how to utilize it best for streamlining workflow while increasing productivity and revenue.

Increase In Freelance Work

More employees will continue to seek independence and control of their work schedules, opting for freelance over traditional employment. Many millennials have a natural distrust for corporations or the idea of being employed by a single company, preferring to have several clients as job security. This means that crowdsourcing platforms and online job boards will increase in popularity as employees look for opportunities to create consistent income.

As Upwork’s Freelancers In America study reveals, freelancers indicate more awareness of the tech revolution’s potential to disrupt future jobs and feel more confident in their ability to navigate an ever-changing job marketplace.

Technological advancements have created enormous changes since computers were created in the mid-40s. There is virtually no facet of modern life that hasn’t been affected by tech, and the job marketplace is no exception. Technology is forcing some tough changes, but it’s also increasing transparency, flexibility, and opportunities for those willing to learn.  After all, as technology continues to adapt, so do people.

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