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Tesla is shipping cars out with missing USB ports

Many people were not made aware of the issue before delivery, which is just a bad move on Tesla’s part.

tesla missing usb ports
Image: Reddit

If you just bought a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and are expecting delivery soon, just a heads up, your car might be missing USB ports and the wireless phone charger found in the center console, reports Electrek. Apparently, the global chip shortage is to blame.

The reports are off and on, with some customers saying their vehicles have USB ports while others claim they don’t. Regardless, a lot of folks are reporting that their USB ports are missing. Electrek says that these issues started popping up with delivered vehicles around November 11.

But this isn’t news to Tesla, the company’s delivery specialists have been notifying customers that their new car might be missing the ports, and encouraging buyers to schedule a service appointment for when parts are available, which Elektrek says could be sometime in December.

Sure, the global chip shortage is affecting every industry, but to not tell your customers about this or not give them an advanced written warning is just plain wrong. Sure, customers can get these items replaced but leaving it to them to discover when they get home after taking delivery seems like the wrong call here.

So yea, if you’re taking delivery of a Tesla anytime soon, be on the lookout for possible missing USB ports or the lack of a wireless phone charger. And be sure to pencil in a service appointment to get these added in at a later date. I mean, why not, you paid for it.

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