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Teslas are involved in a majority of advanced driver-assist crashes

Teslas were involved in 273 of the nearly 400 reported crashes in the last year.

Tesla model 3 steering wheel
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A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highlighted nearly 400 crashes from cars with advanced driver assistance (ADA) features. Of the 392 total crashes reported in the last year, 273 of them involved Tesla vehicles.

The report came directly from the NHTSA this morning. It is part of a recent effort to report on the safety of ADA features in various vehicles.

The NHTSA began this initiative last year. It required that auto manufacturers offering ADA technologies in their vehicles report any crashes to the NHTSA in a timely manner.

And of the vehicles that currently offer ADA, Teslas were in far more crashes compared to other manufacturers. Tesla’s 273 crashes make up around 70 percent of the total crashes reported.

Honda was second on the list, reporting 90 crashes. But other manufacturers reported 10 or fewer crashes.

Nhtsa advanced driver assistance crashes
Image: NHTSA

Of course, this data doesn’t consider every factor. For example, Tesla has over 800,000 cars on the road that have Autopilot or other ADA features.

Other manufacturers have much fewer vehicles equipped with ADA on the road. That could help explain why Teslas have been in so many more crashes.

But Tesla’s crashing troubles have been well documented in the past. Teslas have a history of crashing into parked emergency vehicles. And a recall could be well on its way to address that significant problem.

As for the NHTSA’s report, this is just the beginning. In fact, the agency is requiring all manufacturers to report ADA-related crashes going forward. And it will update this data regularly to keep tabs on the safety of these emerging driving technologies.

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