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The 7 biggest mistakes guys are making with hookup apps

With the right app and the right technique, you can score all the hookups you want. So play it cool, be nice and keep these tips in mind.

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Finding casual fun online is relatively easy—but only if you’re dotting all of your I’s and crossing all of your T’s. Choosing the wrong app, missing out on important steps when creating your profile or having the wrong attitude can negatively impact your success.

Read on to learn the seven biggest mistakes most guys make when using a hookup app and what you can do to avoid them. There are a lot of potential stumbling blocks from apps that don’t take your privacy seriously to apps that just waste your time.

1. Not choosing the right app

Picking the wrong app will pretty much kill your chances of finding what you’re looking for. Making the right choice begins with some research—and that means reading high-quality reviews for advice on the best options available to you. The great reviews of hookup apps worth using usually discuss the writer’s experience with the app. Well-researched lists can also be helpful because they will discuss the pros and cons of the various apps, helping you to make a more informed decision.

Now that you have a handle on how to choose the app that will best suit your needs. It’s time to look at some of the other gaffes you’ll need to avoid to enjoy success.

2. Making bad photo choices

Photo choice is crucial on a hookup app. While you may be hesitant to post photos, keep in mind that this will drastically cut down on the interest your profile generates. If you opt not to show your face, you’ll want to indicate in your profile that you’re willing to send face photos upon request. It comes down to this: people want to see who they might be getting naked with. Refusing to show your face to potential hookup partners could make for a lot of lonely nights.

Choosing high-quality images that show off your other great features, whether that’s your abs or your arms, can still create a lot of interest. And remember, posting several images that show off your body in different ways will garner more responses than if your profile has one lone image.

3. Getting lazy with your bio

While it’s true you won’t need to write the same type of bio as you would for a dating app, you still need to put in some effort. There are a lot of advantages to online dating but it does require a little bit of work on your part up front.

Your bio should show off your personality and can even touch on some of your interests. This is especially important if you’re looking for a casual relationship. Potential partners in that type of situation will want to actually enjoy your company, even when you’re not naked.

It’s also important to be honest about what you’re looking for. If you only want one-night stands, say so. If you’re looking to experiment with a couple, be upfront about that. Being straightforward about your desires will help prevent you from wasting your time chatting with someone you’re not compatible with.

4. Not messaging quickly enough

There’s a lot of competition on these apps, so if you see a profile you like, send a message immediately. While you’re waiting around trying to decide what to say, someone else could be sealing the deal with the person you like. The same goes for receiving a message. Respond as quickly as you’re able because hookup site members don’t tend to wait around for long.

5. Messaging when you’re not available

There are always exceptions to the rule and, in the case of messaging, this exception is HUGE. While messaging quickly is normally the best move, you’ll want to avoid sending messages if you won’t be available to meet. If you’re going out of town on business or taking a vacation, it’s wise to hold off on sending messages until you return. There’s no point in ruining a potential future hookup by leaving that person hanging.

6. Being disrespectful

Have you ever heard the old saying “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” This adage holds true for hookup apps. If you want someone to sleep with you, you need to be charming and likable. No one wants to get naked with a jerk.

Being respectful means avoiding sending messages like “hey, want to f*ck?” Even though women on hookup sites aren’t looking for love, there is still some wooing involved. So be courteous. Talk to your potential partner like a person, not a sex object.

Respect also means not sending angry messages to anyone who turns you down or ignores you. No matter how disappointed you are, it’s best to swallow your pride and move on.

7.  Being pushy

Respect comes into play on this one, as well. When messaging with potential partners, you’ll want to avoid being too aggressive. Pressing potential partners to meet before they’re ready or demanding explicit pictures won’t win you any brownie points.

You’ll also want to avoid sending a pile of messages without waiting for a response. This comes off as pushy or even downright desperate. Instead, by playing it cool, you’ll make other app members comfortable and interested in talking to you. And that truly is the best way to get what you want.

With the right app and the right technique, you can score all the hookups you want. So play it cool, be nice and keep these tips in mind!

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