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The AURA Band is an incredibly accurate fitness tracker, and it’s deeply discounted right now

The first smart wearable that uses bioimpedance to track activity, body composition, hydration, & more.

Fitbits are extremely overrated. The AURA Band Smart Fitness Tracker is the first fitness tracker to use revolutionary new bioimpedance technology to track your body’s actual composition, and right now you can get it at 16% off.

Here’s what makes the AURA so unique. This fitness tracker breaks your body down into four categories – muscle mass, fat, hydration, and minerals – and tracks them throughout the day, so you can achieve your fitness goals whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or drink more water.

Its step-counter can differentiate between your steps whether you’re walking or jogging or cycling to accurately track the number of calories you’re burning, and it monitors your pulse every 15 minutes while you’re resting and continually while you’re exercising. The AURA Band regularly collects and analyzes these data points to give you appropriate recommendations to improve your health, stress levels, and sleep efficiency, giving you the most complete fitness profile possible in a single smart device.

Normally the AURA Band Smart Fitness Tracker costs $179, but today you can save 16% and get one for $149.99. Just click the button below to get started.


Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker – $149.99

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