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The best Google Pixel 4 screen protectors Amazon buyers can’t get enough of

All screen protectors are not created equal.

Google pixel 4 on table oh so orange
Image: Popular Mechanics

The Google Pixel 4 is a great phone. It is, however, just as prone to screen scratches and damage as any other smartphone on the market.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Google Pixel 4, you’ll definitely want to take a look at one of the screen protectors about which Amazon buyers are raving.

Luminira Google Pixel 4 Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Screen protector on amazon

Image: Luminira

This screen protector from Luninira has all the features you’d want to see from a Pixel 4 screen protector. Not only does it do a great job actually protecting the screen, but it’s so easy to install that human error won’t reduce the effectiveness of the protector.

Coupled with a very low price, this makes this particular screen protector a great candidate for the title of best Google Pixel 4 screen protector on the market today.

YEBF Google Pixel 4 XL Screen Protector

Screen protector on phone

Image: Amazon

This two-pack of screen protectors is another great choice for anyone who has a Google Pixel 4 and who wants to keep his or her phone safe. With ninety-nine percent transparency, it blocks almost none of the color from your screen so it’s great for watching videos or even reading. It’s also an incredibly sturdy protector, rated as one of the most durable on the market.

If you’re looking for a good combination of strength and usability, you’ll be very happy with this screen protector from YEBF.

QITAYO Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4

Screen protector on amazon

Image: Amazon

If you’re on the lookout for a screen protector for your Google Pixel 4, you’ll definitely want one that’s not going to interfere with the usage of your phone. One of the great things about this protector from QITAYO is that it’s incredibly responsive, but no noticeable delay in your ability to interact with your phone.

If your goal is to find a great protector that you’ll be able to forget about until an accident occurs, this is definitely one at which you should take a look.

Ytingxiad Google Pixel Screen Protector

Phone protection

Image: Amazon

This rounded-edge version is made to ensure that Pixel 4 users get an amazing experience without having to sacrifice the safety of their phones. This protector is crafted to precisely fit the screen of the Pixel 4, so it provides a perfect fit every time.

It’s also designed to ensure that there will be no bubbles or gaps with the protector has been installed, which ensures that your ability to use the phone won’t be hampered by imperfections in the screen.

Gesma Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4

Glass phone protector

Image: Amazon

This tempered glass screen is made to give the Google Pixel 4’s screen as much protection as possible without sacrificing the ability of the user to enjoy his or her phone. This protector is significantly stronger than plastic, yet you won’t feel like you’re making your phone’s screen too much thicker.

It’s clear that a great deal of work went into ensuring that this protector won’t scratch or smear, allowing you to still get the most out of your Pixel without worrying about the damage that can come from daily wear and tear.

TopACE for Google Pixel 4 XL

Phone case

Image: Amazon

Perhaps the best thing about this screen protector is that it’s more than just a glass cover – it actually ships as a full case. This means that you don’t just get to stop worrying about your screen but from damage to any part of your phone.

While the screen protection aspect is definitely nice and durable, getting the entire phone protected in one package is a major selling point.

Qingduo Google Pixel 4 Tempered Glass Protection

Clear screen on phone

Image: Amazon

This screen protector promises to do a lot at a very low cost. Not only is the tempered glass supposed to protect your phone from drops and shocks, but it’s also meant to be smudge-resistant. If you’re looking for a screen protector that will ensure that your phone is protected while still being quite usable, this is definitely one at which you should take a look.

Qingduo Anti-Scratch Google Pixel 4 Screen Protector

Screen protector on phone

Image: Amazon

This screen protector from Qingduo is much like its counterpart listed above, albeit with a greater focus on being scratch resistant. This might be a very important selling point for some, as scratch damage can absolutely mar the user experience for many users. If you’re looking for a great screen protector that will keep your screen free from scratches, this one fits the bill.

IVSO 2 Pack for Google Pixel 4

Wet screen on pixel 4

Image: Amazon

This two-pack from IVSO gives Google Pixel4 users everything that they need from a good screen protector. Incredibly well-rated for durability, it’s going to stand up to all the scrapes and falls that are likely to happen during the course of an average day. It’s even easy to install, so you won’t have to worry about any bubbles or smudges while you are trying to use your phone.

Best of all, though, is that you get a back-up – if something happens to your screen protector, just install the extra and get back to using your phone.

Sross for Google Pixel 4 Screen Protector

Screen protector for pixel phone

Image: Amazon

This version from Sross is made with utility in mind. Not only does it provide the kind of protection that one would typically want from a screen protector, but it has a few great features that help to preserve the user experience of the Google Pixel 4. The best of these features is the fact that the protector is oleophobic, which helps to ensure that the protector will not become smudged with fingerprints.

If you’re looking for something that will protect your phone without ruining your ability to see what’s on the screen, this may be the best choice for you.

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